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Number of page: 512
Author: M. William Phelps
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 9780786032464
Category: Biography & Autobiography

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About The Author

Nationally bestselling crime writer, serial killer expert, and investigative journalist M. William Phelps is the author of over twenty nonfiction books, including the New England Book Festival Award winner "I'll Be Watching You", and the novel "The Dead Soul". He also stars in the hit Investigation Discovery series "Dark Minds".

  • Eddie GalloEddie Gallo
    Obsessed Once again this author writes in a way that place him among the top true crime writers in the English speaking world. A terribly sad story of one person’s narcissisim and how that led her to commit murder one person and attempt to murder of another. Although there was always little doubt she would be convicted, Phelps has been able to write about these crimes in a way that holds the reader’s attention. If you enjoy reading true crime then you should enjoy this book.
  • Lynda McallisterLynda Mcallister
    A truly unique crime writer A heartbreaking story & a sick women.
  • Fleur Bettenay ThomsonFleur Bettenay Thomson
    True Crime An interesting read about a psycopath who hid her true nature.
  • Cheryl SelfCheryl Self
    Obsessed Compelling , written with compassion and respect and objective balance. A book well worth your time.
  • Christy BuxtonChristy Buxton
    Nicely written. Enjoyed the detail of the individual personalities of the main characters in this story.
  • Alison HungateAlison Hungate
    Great story!! Phelps is the master we true crime writing. I love the follow up at the end and how he writes all together. Not one book I’ve read of his has been hard to read. I do get a little tired of reading the same stories from the New England states though. Just wish he would write more southern (Louisiana) true crime stories. We seem to have serial killers and real psychos in this state.
  • leighpodleighpod
    LibraryThing Review Still Wrong Photos & Poorly Written I wonder who cares less about their readers– Kindle or Mr Phelps? If you sift down through the reviews you will see many that say the photos are wrong, that Kindle
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