The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures Pdf

The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures

Number of page: 208
Author: Eileen Miller
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9781846428418
Category: Psychology

For many years Eileen Miller’s daughter, Kim, was unable to verbalize her experiences and emotions, but she was able to communicate using a less conventional language: her art. The Girl who Spoke with Pictures tells the story of a young woman with autism, and how her enlightening drawings enabled her to share her view of the world. Illustrated with drawings created by Kim between the ages of 3 and 17 years old, the book gives an insight into how Kim expressed her thoughts and feelings through pictures, revealing her capacity to learn and be understood by those around her. Reflecting on her daughter’s artwork, the author explores the concept of art as a universal language that can transcend barriers and enhance the personal and educational experiences of those with autism. This book provides a window into one autistic girl’s experience of life and will be essential reading for teachers, parents, and anyone with an interest in autism

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About The Author

Eileen Miller is a parent advocate for her daughter, Kim. She has worked extensively with her local Early Intervention and public school district to increase awareness of children with autism, placing an emphasis on working with the families of those children. She lives in Oregon, USA, with her husband and daughter. Kim Miller is an accomplished artist. She illustrated the children's book Apples for Cheyenne by Elizabeth Gerlach and is now a sophomore attending community college in Oregon, USA.


  •  cjohnstone cjohnstone
    A MUST read. This is an incredible book about a family that chose to color outside the lines of autism. You will find this book fascinating and inspiring.
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