The Cartel 7: Illuminati Pdf

The Cartel 7: Illuminati

Number of page: 320
Author: Ashley & JaQuavis, JaQuavis Coleman
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 9781466874916
Category: Fiction

The saga of love, loyalty, and crime continues in the next explosive book in the Cartel series from the minds of New York Times bestselling authors Ashley & JaQuavis.After the tragic and bloody end to The Cartel’s reign, Carter is forced into isolation to evade the law. With his wife, Miamor, facing federal charges and his dear brother, six feet under, Carter has never been more alone. His empire is at his feet and he has no idea how to rebuild his kingdom. The only thing that is certain is that he has to stay out the way and off the radar of the Feds until he can figure out how to get his lady out of prison. Miamor’s freedom is guaranteed—provided Carter help create and distribute a drug that will take the streets by storm. Rubbing elbows with the most notorious, ruthless leaders of the underworld will get him what he wants. But can he win at their game of murder and money

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About The Author

Ashley and JaQuavis are New York Times bestselling authors of over 30 novels. They are the youngest black writers to ever debut on the prestigious New York Times list. The duo is responsible for breathing life back into black fiction and was recognized by Ebony Magazine when they made the POWER 100 list in 2012. They have been featured in VIBE, ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, USA Today, Don Diva, BET, and on, amongst many other national publications and web sources. They are also writers for Bryan "Birdman" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams, Cash Money Content. In addition to books, they have also ventured into film and television. Ashley Antoinette is a writer for the hit VH1 series, Single Ladies. While she is conquering the small screen, her partner JaQuavis Coleman is focused on the big screen. He is currently directing two film projects for legendary rap artists, Prodigy and Scarface. The duo has also signed their first movie deal for their bestselling novel, The Cartel.


  • Shemika PShemika P
    I pre-ordered the book on 7/9 and since the release I’ve only had access to the sample.
  • Angie JansenAngie Jansen
    I’ve read all 7 of these books, an can’t wait for the next one. Absolutely love it
  • Jewel NormanJewel Norman
    Page turner!!! These two NEVER disappoint! I’ve been following this series for the last 7 or eight years. You get a gripping story, along with that suspense that makes you tune into the next installment to see where the series is going to go next, but you also get some sense of resolution with each book, as well. All their loyal readers will feel what I’m saying!
  • Brandi KellyBrandi Kelly
    Interesting facts
  • Mk GordonMk Gordon
    Its wayy to short n carter is gone how am i gonna image him now lol but i see the next book is going to b about Mo n Cj Aarni an Mia i juat hope its gud n long
  • kellie Jacksonkellie Jackson
    Not that good I’ve read all the books and this wasn’t a very good read at all
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