The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated) Pdf

The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated)

Number of page: 2000
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher: Top Five Books LLC
ISBN: 9781938938160
Category: Fiction

The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated) from Top Five Classics is the only fully illustrated, single-volume edition of the entire Sherlock Holmes Canon available, featuring:• All 4 novels and 56 short stories, including the final 1927 collection, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes• More than 480 captioned illustrations, including all 357 Holmes illustrations by Sidney Paget• Alphabetical index of titles & timeline of cases• A helpful introduction, author bio, and bibliographyPresenting all of the stories in the order they were first published with the illustrations that accompanied the original Strand Magazine monthly editions, The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated) brings the Sherlock Holmes adventures to you the way they were meant to be read.

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  • Aditya ShrivastavaAditya Shrivastava
    I feel bad for those fools who really believe that the romanticized version of Sherlock that we see on television or in those idiotic movies is the the true London detective who immortalized the Baker Street. If you read the book (provided you have enough capacity in your greymatter to decipher this evergreen classic),you are sure to hate the movie and every other vain attempt to introduce the cocaine addicted lean man into popular culture.
  • Alicia PerezAlicia Perez
    Complete Collection! There were several options for the complete collection, but this one looked well organized by the date published. The table of contents has hyperlinks so you can easily skip to the story you want. Worth my dollar.
  • Balwinder SinghBalwinder Singh
    sherlok holmes good collection
  • Swaminath AdabalaSwaminath Adabala
    Thought provoking Reading Sherlock Holmes is always very interesting & thought provoking
  • Nar FowlerNar Fowler
    It’s Holmes, why bother saying more?
  • Abhisek DuttaAbhisek Dutta
    Fake free Deducted 50 bucks from my account. Making fool of people
  • pratik sahoopratik sahoo
    It’s good and free People who are complaining about is not being free have never spent a fine in Google play and don’t know about wallet policy. If you are a first timer INR 50 is deducted for verification of card it gets refunded within half hour.
  • John MitchellJohn Mitchell
    Complete sherlock holmes
  • Saibal BhattacharyyaSaibal Bhattacharyya
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