Charles Manson Behind Bars Pdf

Charles Manson Behind Bars

Number of page: 182
Author: Mark Hewitt, Guillermo "Willie" Mendez
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 9781628380286
Category: Biography & Autobiography

n n n nFor nthe past forty years, Charles Manson has languished in prison for his nparticipation in the Manson family murders of 1969. He is America’s nicon of evil, the one who brought down the curtain on the 1960s. He nhas never been a quiet inmate, however. From his unbridled outbursts nof rage to his tender acts of generosity, he makes his presence felt nto everyone around him .n n nHe ninspires awe in other inmates, he cozies up to prison guards who are neager to do him favors, and he is responsible for countless staff ntransfers within and outside of the institution .n n nThis nbook details the dramatic journey of Willie Mendez, a troubled ninmate, housed next to the serial killer for more than a year. Willie nbecame institutionalized after repeated violations of the law, nincluding attempted murder and armed robbery. He is serving a nsixty-eight year prison sentence .n n nFrom nhis initial feelings of contempt toward the aging killer, Willie, nnicknamed, “Boxcar,” by Manson, traveled to a place of openness nand acceptance of the old man’s ideas. Over time, he began to defer nmore and more to Manson without reservation .n n nThis nis a tale of growth and maturity that contains intimate details and nshocking jailhouse secrets. Willie shares an insider’s view of nCharles Manson, his crazy behavior, his whispered confessions, and nhis sometimes profound wisdom .n n“Charlie” nspeaks openly about his sexuality, shares some details of the Tate nand LaBianca murders, and relates his childhood experience of being nforced to wear a dress to school.

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About The Author

Mark Hewitt is a true crime author and the editor of “Radians and Inches,” the scholarly, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the search for the Zodiac serial killer. Corresponding with Charles Manson for the past ten years on a variety of personal and professional topics, Mark has become a Manson expert. Holding two Masters Degrees, he is an award-winning public speaker and world traveler. He now resides in Northern California where he researches and writes, while completing his PhD.

Willie Mendez became institutionalized as a young man after repeated violations of the law, including attempted murder and armed robbery. He is serving a 68-year prison sentence in the California penal system. His frequent outbursts landed him next to Charles Manson, the iconic 1960s serial killer. Mendez was introduced to Mark Hewitt by Manson who thought the two had similar ideas and a shared optimism for life. From his initial feelings of contempt toward the aging killer, Willie, nicknamed, “Boxcar,” traveled to a place of openness and acceptance of the old man’s ideas, until finally freeing himself from the control and manipulation in which he had become entangled.

Mendez is pursuing his love of art, and hopes to write a book on the many high-profile inmates and famous prison guards he has met.

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