My Besties PT 2 Pdf

My Besties PT 2

Number of page: 160
Author: Asia Hill
Publisher: Good2go Publishing
ISBN: 9781943686735
Category: Fiction

 Ja’ziya and the Eastside Crazy Crew are back with one thing on their mind Getting money! JuJu, ReRe, Tiki, and Dirty E are ready to take over the streets of Chicago. Thinking that they have mastered the art of robbing banks, they decide to do the unthinkable. Focusing only on the money, they forgot about all the problems that came with it. Big Moe is on the hunt for revenge. Tracking their every move, he waits for the opportunity to get his money back and avenge the deaths of his cousins. Lil Man knows that the Eastside Crazy Crew are responsible for the death of his brother, and he is going to do everything to make them feel his wrath. He teams up with someone that hates the crew just as much as he does. Together, Lil Man and Big Moe come up with a plan that could ultimately lead to the crew’s demise. They came up together. Are they bad enough to take over the streets of Chicago together
Come ride back through the East Side and find out just how powerful they have become, but watch out… They are not alone!

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