I'm Your Man Pdf

I'm Your Man

Number of page: 576
Author: Sylvie Simmons
Publisher: Harper Collins, 2012
ISBN: 9780062096913
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen is one of the most important and influential musical artists of the past fifty years—and one of the most elusive. In I’m Your Man, journalist Sylvie Simmons, one of the foremost chroniclers of the world of rock ’n’ roll and popular music, explores the extraordinary life and creative genius of Leonard Cohen.I’m Your Man is an intimate and insightful appreciation of the man responsible for “Suzanne,” “Bird on a Wire,” “Hallelujah,” and so many other unforgettable, oft-covered ballads and songs.  Based on Simmons’s unparalleled access to Cohen—and written with her hallmark blend of intelligence, integrity, and style—I’m Your Man is the definitive biography of a major musical artist widely considered in a league with the great Bob Dylan.Readers of Life by Rolling Stone Keith Richards and Patti Smith’s phenomenal Just Kids will be riveted by this fascinating portrait of a singular musical icon.

About The Author

Sylvie Simmons is an award-winning writer and one of the foremost music journalists working today. Born in London, she moved to Los Angeles in the late seventies and started writing about rock music for magazines such as Sounds, Creem, Kerrang! and Q. She is the author of acclaimed fiction and nonfiction books, including the biography Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes and the short-story collection Too Weird for Ziggy. She has lived at various times in England, the United States, and France, and she currently lives in San Francisco, where she writes for MOJO magazine and plays the ukulele.

  • dazzyjdazzyj
    LibraryThing Review An absorbing biography of a fascinating man.
  • mielniczukmielniczuk
    LibraryThing Review Great stories; great writing. I liked Leonard more before I knew him.
  • bobbieharvbobbieharv
    LibraryThing Review I just loved this book. I love his music; saw him in a spectacular concert on his make back the money his manager stole from him tour; but didn’t know what a fascinating life he’s led. Very very well written and engrossing.
  • LynnBLynnB
    LibraryThing Review I love Leonard Cohen’s music and his voice. Guess that goes without saying since I bought and read this book! Sylvie Simmons is clearly a fan, both of the music/poetry and of the man himself. She
  • foodairbooksfoodairbooks
    LibraryThing Review I’ve always loved Leonard Cohen’s music, & I was looking forward to this book because it got such good reviews. I’m partway through & I don’t know if I’ll finish, because I find I do not like Leonard
  • kmstockkmstock
    LibraryThing Review A very interesting book, telling the life of Leonard Cohen from birth to around 2011 or so, covering his career as a poet, a musican, as well as his personal and spiritual endeavours. It’s amazing
  • Jane DoeJane Doe
    I’M YOUR MAN: The Life of Leonard Cohen An elegant, deeply researched life of the Canadian musician, poet and novelist.With the resurgence of his career in the last decade, Cohen has been the subject of several new books, but it’s hard to
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