The Nephilim Question: Biblical Answers Pdf

The Nephilim Question: Biblical Answers

Number of page: 124
Author: Steve McGee
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 9781490838663
Category: Religion

They appear only briefly in Scripture, but in recent years the Nephilim have been the subject of much debate among both Christians and the secular world. Join researcher Steve McGee as he takes you on a journey to eternity past and to the very creation of good and evil. Onward to the world of antiquity and the most controversial Scriptures in the entire Bible—Genesis Chapter 6. Explore the land of Canaan and the evil residents determined to destroy God’s people, and plan the giants of the Old Testament. Leaving no stone unturned Steve McGee explores all theories relating to these mythical giant tyrants known as the Nephilim. Will they return during earth’s last days, and what about the modern connection between the Nephilim and the UFO phenomenon
Using a face-value interpretation of Scripture with logic and even humor, this concise book is a must read for anyone interested in gaining incredible insights into the age old battle between Jesus Christ and Satan.

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  •  Sandy Dallas Sandy Dallas
    The Nephilim Question; Bible Answers
  •  Sandy Dallas Sandy Dallas
    The Nephilim Question; Bible Answers
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