Daughters of Darkness – The Anthology (4 Paranormal Romance Novels) Pdf

Daughters of Darkness - The Anthology (4 Paranormal Romance Novels)

Author: Chrissy Peebles, Kristen Middleton, W.J. May, C.J. Pinard
Publisher: Pinard House Publishing
Category: Young Adult Fiction

Four authors will each take a different daughter born from the Prince of Darkness, Vlad Montour. (Also known as Vlad the Impaler, an evil villain from history)Blair – Chrissy PeeblesJezebel – Kristen MiddletonVictoria – W.J. MayLotus – C.J. PinardBlair: Half witch and half vampire. She lives with a coven of witches and hasn't had any contact with her vampire heritage. Blair is living the perfect life until one day, everything crashes down around her. She is forced to leave everything she knows and loves, and must go on the run to save her life. Jezebel: A red-haired vampire/succubus with dark appetites. She's also a Private Investigator, living in Sin City, and tracking down cheating spouses is her specialty. Life is good, until one night when Jez is visited by a stranger, named Dorian Hart, who hands her a letter with some shocking revelations. Victoria: Only Death Could Stop Her NowVictoria is a Hunter Vampire, one of the last of her kind. She's the best of the best.When she finds out one of her marks is actually her sister she let's her go, only to end up on the wrong side of the council.Forced to prove herself she hunts her next mark, a werewolf. Injured and hungry, she is forced to do what she must to survive. Her actions upset the ancient council and she finds herself now being the one thing she has always despised — the Hunted.Lotus: Don't let the pretty name fool you. This daughter is no delicate flower.Lotus grew up orphaned. Having no idea who her real parents were, she's been drifting around the U.S. for over 100 years moving every 15 years or so since she just doesn't seem to age. She'd figured out on her own that she had to be at least part vampire, as she needs to suck on a few blood bags a month to survive.Working as a detective with the Denver P.D., Lotus is searching desperately for a serial killer who is murdering the homeless of the city. Except these are not ritualistic or thrill killings. These victims have been drained of blood and Lotus knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they have been committed by a vampire.Her search will take her to Las Vegas, and that is where the true adventure will begin, when she finds out who has been searching for her.

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About The Author

C.J. is a USA Today Bestselling author living in Colorado. Lover of red wine, wearer of fabulous shoes, and a die-hard Niner fan, she’s also an editor at heart. She’s written over a dozen books and short stories that contain both contemporary/new adult and paranormal romance that are a little bit badass, a little heart-wrenching, and sort of funny (to her, anyway). Almost all of her books usually contain law enforcement or military undertones, since strong, brave, alpha men and women are her weaknesses. When she’s not writing, she can be found working at a very strange day job, which may or may not have some mild influences on her gripping stories – so strange, in fact, she may just write a book about it one day.

She’s also a member of the Romance Readers of America (RWA).

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or her website, www.cjpinard.com

Reading order:

Duty & Desire Series:
Patriotic Duty FREE
Tour of Duty
Boots Beneath My Bed (Miranda's Story)
Playing the Field

Enchanted Immortals Series:
Enchanted Immortals (Book 1) FREE
Enchanted Immortals 2: The Vortex
Enchanted Immortals 3: The Vampyre
Enchanted Immortals 4: The Vixen
BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation FREE

Rebel Riders Series:
Soul Rebel FREE
Soul Redemption
Soul Release

Daughters of Darkness Series:
Lotus (C.J. Pinard) FREE
Guardian (Releases 8/22!)
Jezebel (Kristen Middleton) FREE
(Guardian by C.J. Pinard is where Jezebel’s story finishes)
Blair (Chrissy Peebles) FREE
Dark Dreams
Surviving Darkness
Victoria (W.J. May) FREE

Imperfect Heroes Series
Hunter (Imperfect Heroes Prequel) Located in the "Billionaires & Bad Boys Anthology" for FREE
Above Protection
Beneath Broken

Unscathed (Standalone paranormal romance with bestselling author, Tim O'Rourke)


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Reading order:

Duty & Desire Series (New Adult/Military Romance):
Patriotic Duty
Tour of Duty
Boots Beneath My Bed (Miranda's Story)
Playing the Field

Enchanted Immortals Series (Paranormal Urban Fantasy):
Enchanted Immortals (Book 1)
Enchanted Immortals 2: The Vortex
Enchanted Immortals 3: The Vampyre
Enchanted Immortals 4: The Vixen
BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Rebel Riders Series (Paranormal Romance):
Soul Rebel
Soul Redemption
Soul Release

Daughters of Darkness (Paranormal Romance):
Lotus (C.J. Pinard)
Jezebel (Kristen Middleton)
Blair (Chrissy Peebles)
Dark Dreams
Victoria (W.J. May)

Unscathed (Standalone paranormal romance)
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  • diya veerbhandiya veerbhan
    Victoria is my favourite.
  • Jahneen VoogtJahneen Voogt
    I just wish I could get the rest of the books, so I can see what the full story of the 4 girls is. I Love these kinds of stories! !!
  • khair-un nisakhair-un nisa
    Says that the books are for free. Liar. Only parts of the book are for free but did enjoy what I got.
  • Magauta MokhaliMagauta Mokhali
    OMG!!!!!!it’s so amazing
  • Jody CrutchfieldJody Crutchfield
  • Crystal WardCrystal Ward
    Daughters of Darkness book 1 in all 4 stories Loved them
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