John Dewey and the Ethics of Historical Belief Pdf

John Dewey and the Ethics of Historical Belief

Number of page: 180
Author: Curtis Hutt
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9781438445700
Category: History

Uses the thought of John Dewey to address the ethics of nhistorical belief within religious and critical historiographical ntraditions.John Dewey and the Ethics of Historical Belief naddresses the ethics of the representation of the past with a focus on the njustification of historical belief within religious and critical nhistoriographical traditions. What makes a belief about the past justified
What nmakes one historical belief preferable to another
A great deal rides on how nthese questions are answered. History textbook wars take place across the globe, nfrom California to India. Cultural heritage protection is politicized and nhistorical research is commonly deployed in support of partisan nagendas.This book explores not only John Dewey’s relatively unknown ncontribution to this topic, but also the leading alternatives to his approach .nAuthor Curtis Hutt focuses attention on the debate among those most influenced nby Dewey’s thought, including Richard Rorty, Richard Bernstein, James nKloppenberg, Wayne Proudfoot, and Jeffrey Stout. He also reviews the seminal nwork of Van Harvey on the relationship between historians and religious nbelievers. Dewey is cast as a vigorous opponent of those who argue that njustified historical belief depends upon one’s religious tradition. Strongly nresisted is the idea that historical belief can be justified simply on account nof acculturation. Instead, Dewey’s view that beliefs are justified as a result nof theorized historical inquiry is emphasized. In order to prevent moral nblindness, the responsible historian and theologian alike are advised to attend nto witnesses to the past that arise from outside of their own traditions.

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