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Number of page: 1216
Author: Diarmaid MacCulloch
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101189993
Category: Religion

The New York Times bestseller and definitive history of Christianity for our time—from the award-winning author of The Reformation and SilenceA product of electrifying scholarship conveyed with commanding skill, Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Christianity goes back to the origins of the Hebrew Bible and encompasses the globe. It captures the major turning points in Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox history and fills in often neglected accounts of conversion and confrontation in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. MacCulloch introduces us to monks and crusaders, heretics and reformers, popes and abolitionists, and discover Christianity’s essential role in shaping human history and the intimate lives of men and women. And he uncovers the roots of the faith that galvanized America, charting the surprising beliefs of the founding fathers, the rise of the Evangelical movement and of Pentecostalism, and the recent crises within the Catholic Church. Bursting with original insights and a great pleasure to read, this monumental religious history will not soon be surpassed.

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About The Author

Diarmaid MacCulloch is a fellow of St. Cross College, Oxford, and professor of the history of the church at Oxford University. His books include Suffolk and the Tudors, winner of the Royal Historical Society’s Whitfield Prize, and Thomas Cranmer: A Life, which won the Whitbread Biography Prize, the James Tait Black Prize, and the Duff Cooper Prize. A former Anglican deacon, he has presented many highly celebrated documentaries for television and radio, and was knighted in 2012 for his services to scholarship. He lives in Oxford, England.


  • Joseph MurphyJoseph Murphy
    Comprehensive text An auspicious endever, collecting not only the historical evelution of the church, but also Christian “prehistory”.
  • DoondeckDoondeck
    LibraryThing Review Monumental review of everything you wanted to know about Christianity.
  • StephenBarkleyStephenBarkley
    LibraryThing Review Diarmaid MacCulloch must be a walking encyclopedia. In Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years, he has written a thousand page behemoth which covers (as the subtitle suggests), three millennia of
  • RajivCRajivC
    LibraryThing Review This book is a real tour de force. It requires real discipline to go through it, as it is not an easy read. The breadth of material that he has covered is stupendous. This is not an easy history, and
  • stillatimstillatim
    LibraryThing Review MacCulloch makes reading exhaustive history exhilarating rather than exhausting, and although everyone will have a favourite nit to pick – mine being the dubious treatment of Hegel, and the absence of
  • elimattaelimatta
    LibraryThing Review Compelling book, placing Christianity in broad world historical context. Requires a great deal of patience to read to the end. That may be because the disputes, even over language, within Christianity
  • HadriantheBlindHadriantheBlind
    LibraryThing Review This is a rather astonishing overview of the history of Christianity. An ambitious subject to handle in one volume, and the author does a fine job as discussing the most disparate strands of this
  • roblongroblong
    LibraryThing Review Starts with the development of Jewish religion in the thousand years prior to Jesus’s life and ministry, and also the rise of Greece and Rome that so shaped the religion that grew up afterwards. It
  • revslickrevslick
    LibraryThing Review Diarmaid presents a very exhaustive look into the history of Christianity. This is a must read for any amateur Christian historian as it is full of wonderfully researched details of all the various
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