Dark Days Pdf

Dark Days

Number of page: 288
Author: Randy Blythe
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 9780306823152
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Memoir of the arrest, trial, and acquittal for manslaughter of Randy Blythe, lead singer of metal band Lamb of God.

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  • A Google UserA Google User
    Dark Days: A Memoir Debut author Blythe, lead singer of the metal band Lamb of God, centers his powerful and intelligent memoir on his 2012 arrest and incarceration for 37 days in a harrowing Czech Republic jail. The charge was manslaughter, related to the death of a fan at a concert two years earlier. Blythe admits to having fought the demons of drug and alcohol abuse in his life, but he maintains his sanity during
  • Dan MartinDan Martin
    Such a great story teller. I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t put this down. What a story, and what an amazing human.
  • James FordJames Ford
    He’s a great writer but that’s no surprise One of the most moving things I’ve ever written. Greatly increases the respect I already had for this man.
  • Ignatius Hernindio Dwi AnantoIgnatius Hernindio Dwi Ananto
    Brilliant book Brilliant. Randy blythe is an amazing lyricist and now, amazing writer as well.. I admire the way he tells what was going inside his mind..
  • addaam Anderrsoonaddaam Anderrsoon
    Great read Very good book, worth the money.
  • Douglas SchuetzDouglas Schuetz
    Read this book in three days. Never done that before. Dark Days
  • Scott CoulasScott Coulas
    Very well written story of a tough time. I have a lot of respect for Randy for sharing this story.
  • Peter BruckmannPeter Bruckmann
    Very good book.
  • Edward WoodruffEdward Woodruff
    Awesome book Never read much until this came out know the band and lifestyle myself it isnt everything people make it out to be and this book proves it
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