BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Pdf

BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Number of page: 232
Author: C.J. Pinard
Publisher: C.J. Pinard
ISBN: 9781301453573
Category: Fiction

Supernatural creatures have roamed the Earth since the beginning of time. There was a time when humans would not tolerate having vampires and other creatures in their midst, stealing their young and killing their fellow human beings. These humans took care of business with pitchforks, sharpened stakes, and fires. As the centuries passed, the supernatural creatures learned that they needed to hide in order to survive. As they did, humans evolved, and after a few decades, humans no longer believed the tales from mythology and folklore. Then the creatures became more bold again, showing themselves when they should have stayed hidden.In 1945, the assistant director of the FBI suffered a horrible tragedy, which he learned later was supernaturally related. He created a small branch of the Department of Justice called the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation – the BSI. Little did he know that there were already men and women policing the world of the supernatural – or the “Fae.” The only difference was that this other group had a huge advantage over the humans running the BSI; they were also immortal, just like the creatures they policed. Should the BSI and the Immortals work together to keep the peace Follow agents and Immortals from the four supernaturally busiest places in the country – San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington D.C. and watch the BSI evolve.Vampires, shapeshifters, succubae, and Immortals. What is the Justice Department hiding BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation is an accompanying novel to both the Enchanted Immortals and Rebel Riders series, and can be read between or at any time during the series'.Keywords: urban fantasy, gothic, free, freebie, free ebook, free romance, free vampire, free romance ebook, free fantasy book, free dark fantasy, free lycan, free werewolf, free romance book, succubus, free shifter book, free vampire books, X-files, government conspiracy, free supernatural cop read, supernatural police, free vampire romance, free vampire novels, free vampire short story, paranormal, vampire, quick read,  short, serial, romance, free romance books, free romance book, romance, free, freebie, shape shifter, fae, fairy, free book, free ebook, free paranormal, free book, YA, young adult, free YA, books about vampires, books about shifters, free shifter

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  • C R VandanaC R Vandana
    BSI New concept but liked it enforcing with the enforcers
  • Jes SmithJes Smith
    It wasn’t too bad in the way of supernatural romance but the first part needed something more. The different timelines were awesome but it just felt like it was missing something.
  • Cherry MaloneyCherry Maloney
    Great subject, but different stories had no depth and really didn’t complete a storyline
  • Roger ChapmanRoger Chapman
  • Darryl PerryDarryl Perry
    This book awesome!
  • Jen WoodJen Wood
    Slow read. Slow read but fairly interesting. Characters could use a little more developing.
  • S-K-Moz GirlS-K-Moz Girl
    Enjoyable, although slightly confusing with all the switching ..
  • Bryan MedijaBryan Medija
    Great Excellent story .
  • Evie BarrowEvie Barrow
    BSI Loved this book, thoroughly enjoyed it, wished it had been longer and hope to see more books in this series..
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