Three Boys Missing Pdf

Three Boys Missing

Number of page: 406
Author: James A. Jack
Publisher: HPH Publishing
ISBN: 9780977628148
Category: Biography & Autobiography

On October 16, 1955, Robert Peterson and Anton and John Schuessler left home to see a Disney movie. Two days later their bodies were found in a forest preserve. This true crime story, written by one of the original detectives on the case, details the police investigation of this triple child murder that spanned 40 years. Never presented before, this firsthand account honestly discusses the successes and failures of the various law enforcement agencies involved with the investigation; describes the intense media attention and public reaction to the crime; and openly addresses the pain and loss experienced by the parents of all three boys. Though heartbreaking, the knowledge the story imparts is important as a historical reference as well as a statement about our shortcomings as a society.

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About The Author

James A. Jack, with a year on the Chicago Police force, was one of the first investigators on the case and was the first to talk to the parents of the missing boys. He would go on to have an honorable 14-year career and be decorated for solving a high number of homicides. He would serve the governor of Illinois as well as head of security for the Midwest division of Toys R Us for 25 years. But it was this case, known as the Peterson-Schuessler murders, that haunted him for many years as the one that almost got away.

  • RadaghestRadaghest
    Good overall But, I wanted to know about how the police came to suspect Hansen. The story jumps from the 50s to the 90s, and a lot of back story on how Hansen came to be on trial was left out. I would have liked to know more about Det Jacks involvement in the investigation into Hansen, if he was involved. Or, to hear his thoughts about that investigation and the officers involved. Det Jacks is a good storyteller, and I could imagine the events and people he describes as if I am watching a film. The last chapters concerning the trial read like someone else wrote them entirely.
  • Angelina WilsonAngelina Wilson
    Great book This book was well written and enthraling.
  • Gina MartinGina Martin
    I was an army brat living in Fort Sheridan, IL and was 3 years old at the time this horrific crime occurred. I had no knowledge of it at the time. I happened upon this book while researching another crime story online. There was an advertisement for this book and once I saw the 3 boy’s innocent faces and read a short synopsis of the crime, I immediately ordered it on the spot via e-books. I was initially drawn to the book by the horror inflicted against these 3 innocents, but the writer’s portrayal of the events drew me even deeper into the story, investigation and subsequent trials. I could not put it down and ended up reading it in one sitting! James A. Jack is an excellent writer who mapped out the details with such finesse that I was captivated with each paragraph. Brilliant! My hope was that the crime would have been solved more expeditiously and the perpetrator would have been rotting in jail for decades, but you can’t fault the police and investigators who led such a historic manhunt as thoroughly as was possible at the time without DNA and today’s technology. It was gut wrenching to learn how the boys suffered and how their parents agonized upon their deaths, even to the point of the Schuessler boy’s parents dying before the killer was found and punished. Such a tragedy for so many involved. This was a wonderful piece of literature from a poignant part of history which will haunt me for a long time to come
  • Monique SchauffMonique Schauff
    Three missing boys
  • Rebecca HaggardRebecca Haggard
    Three Boys Missing About three boys murdered in the fifties. A very compelling read. I so hoped they would find who did the crime, but at the same time knew the details would be hard to hear. The dedication of the police on this case was unending. They were relentless in their quest to find the killer and bring justice for those boys. It took over 40 years but in the end justice prevailed. I loved this book! Thank you James A. Jack.
  • briannad84briannad84
    LibraryThing Review I have never heard of this case before, just randomly picked it off the shelf and this was an excellent book! James A. Jack must have an unbelievably superb memory! I loved how detailed he made this
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