A Teenager's Journey Pdf

A Teenager's Journey

Number of page: 215
Author: Richard B. Pelzer
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 9780446555302
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Many thousands of readers were moved by Richard B. Pelzer’s heart-wrenching memoir, A Brother’s Journey, in which he detailed the horrifyingly abusive childhood he endured at the hands of his mother, whose treatment of her children was first revealed by Dave Pelzer in his own hugely successful memoir, A Boy Called “It”. Now, Richard reveals how the abuse inflicted on him as a child continued to affect his life as a teenager. He turned to drugs and contemplated suicide, while simultaneously trying to establish an autonomous life away from his destructive family situation. Yet as he stumbled toward adulthood, fighting and facing his demons, Richard’s ultimate struggle toward victory was his alone. His salvation finally came when a surrogate family took him in, offering comfort, hope, and unconditional love –and ultimately the transformational power of forgiveness.

  • Jami KeeneyJami Keeney
    Amazing After having read Dave Pelzer’s story I went into reading his brother’s account with mixed feelings. Now I’m ashamed to admit I was angry at this child who encouraged this horrific abuse. My view was narrow minded and shallow. This boy was a victim like his other brothers and just trying to survive. WHY only one boy was taken is a mystery to me this woman should have lost them all. An inexcusable oversight.
  • pjbuckpjbuck
    a teenagers journey a very good book well written great author a book that you would share with others
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