The Road Out of Hell Pdf

The Road Out of Hell

Number of page: 244
Author: Anthony Flacco, Jerry Clark
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 9781626811720
Category: True Crime

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About The Author

Anthony Flacco was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, one of four brothers. Their father was an Air Force pilot and mother was a talented artist and painter.

His background as a trained stage actor with over 2,000 performances under his Actors Equity membership provides the primary basis for his critically acclaimed ability to empathize with a wide cross-section of personalities. He moved into screenwriting when he was selected for the prestigious American Film Institute fellowship in Screenwriting. He received his MFA in screenwriting after winning AFI's Paramount Studios Fellowship Award and was then selected out of 2,000 entrants for the Walt Disney Studios Screenwriting Fellowship, where he spent a year writing for the Touchstone Pictures division. His screenwriting experience drives narrative stories that are visually compelling, whether for a movie theater or the screen of a reader's imagination.

He previous works include A Checklist for Murder, which was adapted into an NBC movie of the week, The Last Nightengale, The Hidden Man, and The Road Out Of Hell: The True Story of Sanford Clark and the Wineville Murders. Tiny Dancer, originally published in 2005, received international acclaim, being names "one of the 100 Most Noteworthy Books of 2005."It is being released for the first time in eBook format in January 2013.

He is an experienced public speaker and frequently gives seminars on crime writing, and is a featured speaker on writing for writers’ conferences and clubs and serves as Editorial Consultant to Martin Literary Management in Seattle, WA.

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  • A Google UserA Google User
    THE ROAD OUT OF HELL: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders A 1920s rape and murder spree, re-created with grisly details both real and imagined.Between 1926 and 1928, Gordon Stewart Northcott murdered at least 20 boys at a chicken ranch near Los Angeles. (The 2008 film Changeling dealt with the mother of one of his victims.) During those years, Northcott held hostage and assaulted his teenaged nephew, Sanford Clark, forcing him to assist in the killings
  • Jodi BadamiJodi Badami
    Road to hell Very good I couldn’t put it down
  • Jeran ButlerJeran Butler
    Wow! Hard to put into words how this book makes you feel. Human will power for both the good and the evil is amazing.
  • Sharon RoseSharon Rose
    Amazing Sanford went through hell, he carried so much of it throughout his life. Thankful for the support of his loved ones he survived. Wonderful a must read.
  • Sophie ZikosSophie Zikos
    Brilliant book
  • Michele FortuneMichele Fortune
    Incredible Certainly an amazingly strong man.
  • Jessica MarksJessica Marks
    Page turner I just finished this book. I loved it, the author makes sure you feel and see everything that poor Sanford endured. I would recommend it to any true crime fan!!
  • Dawn WilczekDawn Wilczek
    Fantastic Read A fascinating book. Glad I found it a real page turner.
  • Mary Jean DerusMary Jean Derus
    The road out of hell, an amazing story, a must read, even tho you don’t think you can continue to read about the horrors he endured.
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