Never to Be Forgotten Pdf

Never to Be Forgotten

Number of page: 128
Author: eatrice Muchman
ISBN: 9781602802001
Category: Biography & Autobiography

From Booklist Muchman was born in Berlin in 1933. In March 1939, she, her parents, and four relatives fled to Brussels to escape the Nazi regime. In 1942, Germany occupied Belgium, and Muchman’s parents brought her and her cousin to the home of two Catholic women for safekeeping. Her parents were killed; she survived and was ultimately brought to the U.S., where she was adopted by an aunt and uncle in Chicago. Muchman grew up believing that her Jewish parents had abandoned her. In 1990, a box was discovered in her uncle’s home that contained faded letters, documents, and old photographs; the letters had been written by her parents in the 1940s .

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    NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN: A Young Girl’s Holocaust Memoir A portrait of a Jewish child’s life in hiding in Belgium during the Holocaust, based on recently rediscovered letters by the author’s parents, her own childhood diaries, and other documents. The author’s family had fled Germany after Kristallnacht, but they got no further than Belgium, thanks to the reluctance of many countries to take in Jewish refugees. This antipathy is exemplified here by an
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