Chinglish (TCG Edition) Pdf

Chinglish (TCG Edition)

Number of page: 112
Author: David Henry Hwang
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
ISBN: 9781559364263
Category: Drama

Acclaimed playwright David Henry Hwang’s hilarious comedy Chinglish has been described as “a sly, funny, multi-tiered joke with a laugh-out-loud surface that conceals a movingly somber aftertaste” (Village Voice) and “a triumph in any language” (New York Magazine).Springing from the author’s personal experiences in China, Chinglish follows a Midwestern American businessman desperately seeking to score a lucrative contact for his family’s firm as he travels to China, only to discover how much he doesn’t understand. Named for the unique and often comical third language that evolves from attempts to translate Chinese signs into English, Chinglish explores the challenges of doing business in a country whose language—and underlying cultural assumptions—are worlds apart from our own. David Henry Hwang’s

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About The Author

Throughout his career, playwright DAVID HENRY HWANG has explored the complexities of forging Eastern and Western cultures in a contemporary America. His extraordinary body of work, over the past 30 years, has been marked by a deep desire to reaffirm the common humanity in all of us. He is best known as the author of M. Butterfly, which won the 1988 Tony, Drama Desk, John Gassner, and Outer Critics Circle Awards, and was also a finalist for the 1989 Pulitzer Prize. The play enjoyed a one-year run on London's West End and has been produced in over four dozen countries to date. His play Golden Child premiered Off-Broadway at the Joseph Papp Public Theater, received a 1997 Obie Award for playwriting and subsequently moved to Broadway, where it received three 1998 Tony Nominations, including Best New Play. His play, Yellow Face, which premiered at Los Angeles’ Mark Taper Forum and New York's Public Theater, won a 2008 Obie Award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.
Language: English and Chinese

  •   jrissman jrissman
    LibraryThing Review Chinglish is a unique play about a businessman promoting his sign-making company in China. It is genuinely funny and surprisingly poignant at the end. It does not take long to read- roughly an hour- and is well worth it. I hope to see it in the theater someday.
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