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Lady Sings the Blues

Number of page: 256
Author: illie Holiday, William Dufty
Publisher: Crown/Archetype
ISBN: 9780307786166
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Originally released by Doubleday in 1956, Harlem Moon Classics celebrates the publication with the fiftieth-anniversary edition of Billie Holiday’s unforgettable and timeless memoir, updated with an insightful introduction and a revised discography, both written by celebrated music writer David Ritz.Lady Sings the Blues is the fiercely honest, no-holds-barred autobiography of Billie Holiday, the legendary jazz, swing, and standards singing sensation. Taking the reader on a fast-moving journey from Holiday’s rough-and-tumble Baltimore childhood (where she ran errands at a whorehouse in exchange for the chance to listen to Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith albums), to her emergence on Harlem’s club scene, to sold-out performances with the Count Basie Orchestra and with Artie Shaw and his band, this revelatory memoir is notable for its trenchant observations on the racism that darkened Billie’s life and the heroin addiction that ended it too soon. We are with her during the mesmerizing debut of “Strange Fruit”; with her as she rubs shoulders with the biggest movie stars and musicians of the day (Bob Hope, Lana Turner, Clark Gable, Benny Goodman, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, and more); and with her through the scrapes with Jim Crow, spats with Sarah Vaughan, ignominious jailings, and tragic decline. All of this is told in Holiday’s tart, streetwise style and hip patois that makes it read as if it were written yesterday.

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About The Author

Eleanora Fagan, who later took the name BILLIE HOLIDAY, was born April 7, 1915, and died when she was just forty-four, on July 17, 1959. Coauthor WILLIAM DUFTY (1916–2002) was a music enthusiast, freelance writer for the New York Post, and Gloria Swanson’s last husband.


  • Michael M GrayMichael M Gray
    Fascinating While it has been said that some of the details in this autobiography are inaccurate it nonetheless is the story that Lady Day wanted to tell and isn’t necessarily untrue. The book gives great insight into her persona.
  • mahallettmahallett
    LibraryThing Review Translating her voice is revealing. She doesn’t talk much about men and I’m sure she was a handful. She was treated so badly by whites and cops and blacks for that matter.
  • mesommesom
    Lady SingsThe Blues I purchased this book as a gift for my daughter however has stated extremely interesting and was very pleased.
  • ryvreryvre
    LibraryThing Review Lady Sings the Blues is a heart wrenching account of Billie Holiday’s life. It’s a bit confusing at times, but overall a very interesting read.
  • meacolemanmeacoleman
    LibraryThing Review I have been a fan of Billie Holiday’s music for many years. I knew that she lead a hard life, but had no idea how hard until I read her autobiography. Her words are honest and frank–no holds barred
  • aleahmariealeahmarie
    LibraryThing Review Eleanora Fagan was born April 7, 1915. Her mother was only 13 and her father was pretty much absent. Eleanora was raised by family while her mother worked; her childhood was painful and short. At 13
  • Not AvailableNot Available
    Lady Sings the Blues the 50th Anniversary Edition (Harlem Moon Classics) Holiday’s quite candid biography (although some suspect she embellished parts of it) gets a new foreword and revised discography. Whether true or justmostly true, based on her continued stature, this title will be wanted by all music collections.
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