Hoes Be Winning 3 Pdf

Hoes Be Winning 3

Number of page: 398
Author: Ms.Bam, Candace Mumford
Publisher: A.N.C. Media Publishing
Category: Drama

 Take a look into the final chapter of a group of once close friends and their cast of sidekicks. Nicole,Meka and Tondellaya three high-school friends, now adults always thought they'd always be friends. Even through their various ups and downs. They couldn't have been more wrong. The Final Hoedown picks right up where part 2 left of with the introduction of a new mysterious woman on the scene who unbeknownst to Nicole, is going to snatch her new found security and love away from the handsome,charismatic Kendrick Taylor. Meka is still lusting after single father Antonio but what about the growing attraction between him and and her sometimes friend and his live-in nanny Tondellaya Devereaux
Will Tondellaya turn down a chance at real love in order to salvage her childhood friendship
Also where would Hoes Be Winning be without DonTravious Jackson,wanna be ladies man and almost convicted rapist and his newest conquest .or rape victim Serena
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