In My Hood Pdf

In My Hood

Number of page: 288
Author: Endy
Publisher: Melodrama Publishing
ISBN: 9781934157572
Category: Fiction

Desiree never ventured out much in her hood until she met and fell in love with Bilal. Their bond is so tight, it seems like they were made for each other. But when the couple witnesses a vicious double murder, their love is put through a grueling test. And when Desiree finds herself in a sticky situation involving one of the top dogs in the drug game, things spin out of control. Between vendettas, murder, and secret pasts, will their love survive
Or will their bond become another casualty of the havoc in the hood –P. [4] of cover.

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  • georg huttongeorg hutton
    Kept me on the edge of my seat! Riveting!
  • janay Geejanay Gee
    Definitely a page turner Read it all in one sitting.. Love when books give you that movie feel
  • catrina cooncatrina coon
    Love it
  • Allohna MooreAllohna Moore
    This book was interesting .. this book really portrayed however life os really small .. but I’m mad how it ended
  • Nicole GNicole G
    I liked it Very upset with how it ended but good book overall
  • Denise DurantDenise Durant
    It was a great read. Waiting for the next book. Life is rough in the hood. But, at the end of the day aint nothing like ghetto love.
  • Candy HowardCandy Howard
    In my hood The book was real it was sad at the end
  • Jazmin CollinsJazmin Collins
    Good book just hated how it ended
  • Elizabeth WalkerElizabeth Walker
    Loved it Great book very real
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