Power in the Blood Pdf

Power in the Blood

Author: Michael Lister
Publisher: Pulpwood Press
Category: Fiction

Was it murder, accident, or suicide
A baffling case. A brilliant detective. An introduction to an insightful, sympathetic, spiritual, and utterly unique investigator. John Jordan is a cop in a clerical collar haunted by his past—a man of mercy who also thirsts for justice."Michael Lister may be the author of the most unique series running in mystery fiction. It crackles with tension and authenticity." Michael ConnellyThe first novel in the popular, award-winning, and critically-acclaimed John Jordan mystery series.˃˃˃ POWER IN THE BLOOD a John Jordan novel from award-winning and bestselling author Michael ListerWitness the series Florida Weekly calls “a treasure of contemporary literature–suspenseful, provocative, and unsettling,” and bestselling author Julia Spencer-Fleming says is “one of the most ambitious and unusual crime fiction series going. See what crime fiction is capable of.”In POWER IN THE BLOOD, ex-cop John Jordan, now a prison chaplain in the Florida Panhandle, witnesses the bloody death of Potter Correctional Institution inmate Ike Johnson. But what exactly did he witness
Murder, accident, or suicide
Jordan discovers that in the closed society of captives and captors no act goes unseen, and no one takes kindly to a cop in a collar. He soon finds his reputation, his career, and even his life are at stake."Another great ride with a very assured driver behind the wheel." Michael ConnellyOffering up both the sacred as well as the profane, POWER IN THE BLOOD is a thoughtful thriller and a suspenseful mystery you won’t want to miss!"Eerie, cinematic, finely-wrought, unflinching, suspenseful, complex, and original, POWER IN THE BLOOD is a page-turner with a soul." Lisa UngerIf you love exciting, gritty, thoughtful mysteries, don't miss Michael Lister's POWER IN THE BLOOD.˃˃˃ The John Jordan series in order: 1) POWER IN THE BLOOD, 2) BLOOD OF THE LAMB, 3) FLESH AND BLOOD, 4) THE BODY AND THE BLOOD, 5) BLOOD SACRIFICE, 6) RIVERS TO BLOOD, 7) INNOCENT BLOOD, 8) BLOOD MONEY, 9) BLOOD MOON, 10) BLOOD CRIES, 11) BLOOD OATH.Don’t miss a single second of this brilliant, breathtaking series.

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About The Author

New York Times bestselling and award-winning novelist, Michael Lister, is a native Floridian best known for his literary suspense thrillers DOUBLE EXPOSURE, BURNT OFFERINGS, and SEPARATION ANXIETY, as well as his two ongoing mystery series, the prison chaplain John Jordan "Blood" series (BLOOD SACRIFICE) and the hard-boiled, 1940s noir Jimmy "Soldier" Riley Series (THE BIG HELLO).
The Florida Book Review says that "Vintage Michael Lister is poetic prose, exquisitely set scenes, characters who are damaged and faulty" and Michael Koryta says, “If you like crime writing with depth, suspense, and sterling prose, you should be reading Michael Lister," while Publisher's Weekly adds, “Lister’s hard-edged prose ranks with the best of contemporary noir fiction.”
Michael grew up in North Florida near the Gulf of Mexico and the Apalachicola River in a small town world famous for tupelo honey.


  • Jo WJo W
    Good read once you get into this book. Took me a couple of chapters .
  • Brandi RobinsonBrandi Robinson
    Power in the blood Great read!
  • Moshe SchwartzMoshe Schwartz
    Very good
  • ,Henry sanchez,Henry sanchez
    Revised- Power in the Blood 369 pages in the original. 139 pages in the revised (butchered) version. So dissatisfying. Shameful.
  • Martha LounsburyMartha Lounsbury
    Power in the Blood Good,good book.
  • debbie mcnallydebbie mcnally
    A good book. Well written
  • Darryl PerryDarryl Perry
    Riveting from beginning to end.
  • Gil MartinezGil Martinez
    Power in the blood Ok, fragmented. Too Many characters.
  • Manimohan ManickamManimohan Manickam
    Good read Well plotted, dark, fast paced. The mystery deepens in twists and turns until the denouement. Good read.
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