The Illuminati in Hollywood Pdf

The Illuminati in Hollywood

Number of page: 344
Author: Mark Dice
Publisher: The Resistance
ISBN: 9780988726871
Category: Art

The infamous Illuminati secret society represents the pinnacle of power in politics, banking, and the news media; but what about the entertainment industry
Do Hollywood’s elite studios, producers, and celebrities have a secret agenda
Are they part of a covert conspiracy
Media analyst Mark Dice will show you exactly how Hollywood uses celebrities and entertainment as a powerful propaganda tool to shape our culture, attitudes, behaviors, and to promote corrupt government policies and programs. You will see how the CIA and the Pentagon work hand in hand with Hollywood to produce blockbuster movies and popular television shows crafted to paint positive portraits of war, Orwellian government surveillance, unconstitutional agendas, and more.
You’ll also learn the strange and secret spiritual beliefs of the stars that fuel their egos and appetites for fame and wealth, making them perfect puppets for the corporate controllers behind the scenes.
And you will also discover the rare instances of anti-Illuminati celebrities who have dared to bite the hand that feeds them.
Character Howard Beale once warned in the 1976 classic film Network, “This tube is the most awesome God-damned force in the whole godless world, and woe is us if it ever falls in to the hands of the wrong people,” and unfortunately that is exactly what has happened.

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About The Author

Mark Dice is a media analyst and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

Mark's YouTube channel has received over 150 million views and his viral videos have been mentioned on the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the Washington Times, and other media outlets around the world.

He has been featured on various television shows including the History Channel's Decoded, Ancient Aliens, and America's Book of Secrets; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more.

Mark Dice is the author of several popular books on secret societies and conspiracies, including The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True, The New World Order, Facts & Fiction, Illuminati in the Music Industry, Inside the Illuminati: Evidence, Objectives, and Methods of Operation, and his latest, The Bohemian Grove: Facts & Fiction, which are all available in paperback on or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook or Google Play.

While much of Mark's work confirms the existence and continued operation of the Illuminati today, he is also dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes and separating the facts from the fiction; hence the "Facts & Fiction" subtitle for several of his books.

  • Jeremy BJeremy B
    Great book and great author
  • Mathew RMathew R
    Interesting read, im not big on illuminati or conspiracy theories but after this year with all the hollywood/media manipulation and propaganda, wikileaks exposing satanic spirit cooking rituals, pizzagate, etc .im definitely more open minded now.
  • Andrew WhitusAndrew Whitus
    Worth it Always has logic to back up his thoughts
  • Vernon WeatherbeVernon Weatherbe
    Very informative. Best use of my mobile phone ever!
  • Oregon BaptistOregon Baptist
    Good book great information Great source of information in this book. Anyone who one stars this book is a lier.
  • Ian MaycockIan Maycock
    Ian Excellent information in this book. This is the 3rd book I have read of Mark Dice and all have food knowledge and a different perspective on what goes on in the secrets that are being with held from the public eye
  • Nick SarnaNick Sarna
    Great information and facts This book helps confirm what we already suspect and gives the facts to prove it.
  • Damien RobinsonDamien Robinson
    I read this one in a day! Couldn’t put it down and once again Mark delivers a truth some people just aren’t ready to hear or accept.
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