Inside the Crips Pdf

Inside the Crips

Number of page: 352
Author: Ann Pearlman, Colton Simpson
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 9780312329303
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Inside the Crips is the memoir of the author Colton Simpson’s life as a Crip–beginning at the tender age of ten in the mid-seventies–and his prison turnaround nearly twenty-five years later.Colton (

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About The Author

Colton Simpson lives in Los Angeles.
Ann Pearlman is the author of GETTING FREE: WOMEN AND PYCHOTHERAPY, KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING and INFIDELITY: A MEMOIR. She has a private psychotherapy practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she lives.

  • Yolanda BacaYolanda Baca
    Hard to put down!
  • John O'ShaneJohn O’Shane
    Inside the crips Great read and insight into one of the worlds most famous gangs, such brutal reality, so much loss, hope they all find peace and unity.
  • Cixowe LeshoreCixowe Leshore
    True facts Solid
  • Keiff WhoseKeiff Whose
    This book is the first book I’ve ever read cover to cover! It’s a MUST have to be on the shelf. No words other than his own can describe this man’s life other than the way it has been written in this book. Deep, exciting, true, drama. Defines the difference between gangsta and gangstER! WOULD LOVE TO MEET THIS MAN JUST TO SHAKE HIS HAND!
  • Karly DehombreKarly Dehombre
    Wow. What a life journey. Such a great read. Loved it. I hope Colton is happy and enjoying life 😉
  • Andrew MckenzieAndrew Mckenzie
    Lil Cee Man what a tale! You have form mate!!!!!! All the best and thanks for the tales,,,Andrew
  • j princezzj princezz
    Im going to read this seems very interesting
  • Sheree BrownSheree Brown
    Good Book. I understand this book cause I’ve been in the life.
  • Johnny PereyraJohnny Pereyra
    Brook sucks don’t waste your cash Book sucks except for The first two chapters.. Do not get it is not what you think it is..sure there’s action pack gang violence but it is horribly written. He brings character’s out of nowhere I’m like whose this? Doesn’t even introduce them.a lot of homo erotic tones and gay stuff like the way he speaks of his best friend smiley yet gives little to nothing detail about girls. Than it really goes down the drain with the long boring jail chapter’s. You wanna read a book about action pack gang violence sex drugs revenge? Get my bloody life in the Latin kings by reymundo Sanchez.. You won’t regret it.. But you will regret buying this book.
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