Boy, Lost Pdf

Boy, Lost

Number of page: 335
Author: Kristina Olsson
Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press
ISBN: 9780702248931
Category: Biography & Autobiography

A powerful family memoir from the award-winning author of The China Garden Kristina OlssonOCOs mother lost her infant son, Peter, when he was snatched from her arms as she boarded a train in the hot summer of 1950. She was young and frightened, trying to escape a brutal marriage, but despite the violence and cruelty sheOCOd endured, she was not prepared for this final blow, this breathtaking punishment. Yvonne would not see her son again for nearly 40 years. Kristina was the first child of her motherOCOs subsequent, much gentler marriage and, like her siblings, grew up unaware of the reasons behind her motherOCOs sorrow, though PeterOCOs absence resounded through the family, marking each one. Yvonne dreamt of her son by day and by night, while Peter grew up a thousand miles and a lifetime away, dreaming of his missing mother. Boy, Lost tells how their lives proceeded from that shattering moment, the grief and shame that stalked them, what they lost and what they salvaged. But it is also the story of a family, the cascade of grief and guilt through generations, and the endurance of memory and faith .

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