The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 7 and 7r Pdf

The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 7 and 7r

Author: Gary L. Friedman
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781312096158
Category: Art

This is the most thorough and comprehensive book on the Sony Alpha 7 and Alpha 7r available. At over 600 pages, professional photographer Gary L. Friedman has explained every function and nuance of every feature, plus gives solid recommendations on customizing your camera and explains unobvious combinations of obscure features can help you work quite quickly in the field! Since you already own one of the best cameras out there, why hold back on the key to unlocking its features
Some of what you’ll learn: * My personal camera settings (with explanations) * A complete guide to the most popular Legacy Glass Adapters and how to configure your camera to use them * A clear explanation of the alphabet soup that are video formats * Guide to using NFC & Wi-Fi * A set of

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