Life in Biblical Israel Pdf

Life in Biblical Israel

Number of page: 440
Author: Philip J. King, Lawrence E. Stager
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780664221485
Category: Religion

This special-edition volume of the Library of Ancient Israel, based on the latest research, presents a vivid description of the world of Ancient Israel, covering such topics as domestic life, the means of existence, cultural expression, and religious practices. With over 175 full-color pictures and illustrations,Life in Biblical Israelopens the door to everyday life in biblical Israel for all readers. This volume is perfect for classrooms, coffee tables, and personal use. Volumes in the Library of Ancient Israel draw on multiple disciplines–such as archaeology, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and literary criticism–to illuminate the everyday realities and social subtleties these ancient cultures experienced. This series employs sophisticated methods resulting in original contributions that depict the reality of the people behind the Hebrew Bible and interprets these insights for a wide variety of readers.

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About The Author

Philip J. King is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. He is a former president of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Catholic Biblical Association of America.

Lawrence E. Stager is Dorot Professor of the Archaeology of Israel at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


  •  David Reid David Reid
    I must say there are several very good things about this beautifully presented book, like its many excellent illustrations. A lot of work seems to have gone into it. Structurally it’s well laid out
  •  David Reid David Reid
    I must say there are several very good things about this beautifully presented book, like its many excellent illustrations. A lot of work seems to have gone into it. Structurally it’s well laid out
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