The Republic Pdf

The Republic

Number of page: 392
Author: Plato
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781497679320
Category: Philosophy

Plato’s most famous work and the bedrock of Western philosophy Written in the form of a Socratic dialogue, The Republic is an investigation into the nature of an ideal society. In this far-reaching and profoundly influential treatise, Plato explores the concept of justice, the connection between politics and psychology, the difference between words and what they represent, and the roles of art and education, among many other topics. A towering achievement of philosophical insight, The Republic is as relevant to readers today as it was to the citizens of ancient Athens.   This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

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About The Author

ection, he falls under ancient philosophy??Full Review

  • Joel FormanJoel Forman
    First time reading Plato Tough read but definitely worth the time
  • dino instinctdino instinct
    Good Buku yang penuh inspirasi
  • Slamet RiyadiSlamet Riyadi
  • Lilian DeguzmanLilian Deguzman
  • Carlos VillasenorCarlos Villasenor
    Obvious classic
  • Prem NagaPrem Naga
    The Republic In One Sentence # ” The Review Attract “
  • Stephanus TambunanStephanus Tambunan
    ***** Thank you for giving to us for free. Many people will have get become an educated person.
  • Espinosa IsaganiEspinosa Isagani
    Must read! If all the world leaders could have a glimpse of what the great philosopher’s thinking, the world would be in a much better and safer place to live in.
  • Francis AhinfulFrancis Ahinful
    The Republic A must read book for all who want to be in politics
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