Dragonlore (Epic Dragon Fantasy) Pdf

Dragonlore (Epic Dragon Fantasy)

Number of page: 740
Author: Daniel Arenson
Publisher: Moonclipse
ISBN: 9781927601051
Category: Fiction

Dragonlore, an epic fantasy trilogy, tells the story of Requiem — an ancient kingdom whose people can grow wings, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. This collection includes all three Dragonlore novels.Book 1: A Dawn of Dragonfire — Queen Solina, a desert tyrant, leads an army of phoenixes. She invades Requiem, vowing to destroy it. Requiem's people can become dragons, but how can they defeat the phoenixes, beasts woven of sunfire Book 2: A Day of Dragon Blood — Solina raises new champions: the wyverns, creatures of iron scales and leathern wings. From their maws spews acid to eat through stone, steel, and dragon flesh. When the wyverns attack, can Requiem survive Book 3: A Night of Dragon Wings — Vowing to kill every dragon, Solina summons her greatest warriors: the nephilim, the spawn of demons and their mortal brides. As ancient evil engulfs the world, Requiem's dragons roar, blow their fire, and fly to their last stand.Dragonlore — an epic fantasy trilogy. For fans of dragons, shapeshifters, swords and sorcery, A Game of Thrones, Eragon, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

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  • bethany hooperbethany hooper
    Same story new names This trilogy is just like the one before it. It is the she plot but it has different names. I am extremely disappointed in this continuation.
  • casie blantoncasie blanton
    Fast read but good!
  • Dan PattersonDan Patterson
    Dragonlore the complete trilogy Incredible story. I loved it from the beginning to the end.
  • Joan BoveeJoan Bovee
    Dragonlore Awesome book I couldn’t put it down read for 2 days straight lol
  • Liz DaviesLiz Davies
    Dragonlore A different take on dragons & I loved it
  • James HillJames Hill
    Dragonlore A different slant on dragon mythology. Very enjoyable.
  • Teri Turtle BTeri Turtle B
    Brilliant Absolutely loved reading these books
  • Bobby WilbanksBobby Wilbanks
    Dragonlore Dragon fantasy
  • Bill BrooksBill Brooks
    Enjoyed the trilogy. I enjoyed the trilogy and the manner in which it was written. Exciting and dramatic and the character development was excellent. I took 1 star off because it was generally the same storyline as the first trilogy, Song of Dragons. Give me a year or so and I’ll read it again like I do for all books I enjoy.
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