Taken Pdf


Number of page: 400
Author: Cynthia Eden
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062437457
Category: Fiction

In New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s latest novel, the Last Option Search Team (LOST) returns— and for one agent, the hunt for a serial killer just got very personal . . . HE SWORE TO PROTECT HER . . . Bailey Jones somehow survived her harrowing abduction by the infamous Death Angel. But while her physical scars have healed, she can’t stop wondering about a woman she helped to escape, who simply disappeared. When LOST agent Asher Young is assigned to her case, Bailey instantly feels an attraction to the intense ex-SEAL who seems to be carrying dark secrets of his own. BUT KEEPING HIS PROMISE . . . Asher can’t afford to let his growing feelings for Bailey distract him from his job. Only she can soothe his horrific nightmares, but the last thing he wants is for the demons from his past to ever hurt her. Bailey has gotten past his guard, and the emotions he feels for her—they’re as dark and dangerous as the past he doesn’t want to face. COULD COST BOTH THEIR LIVESWhen corpses begin surfacing—all marked with the same tattoo depicting the Death Angel’s calling card—Asher must race to stop a twisted killer who wants nothing more than to claim his next prize: Bailey . . .

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  • Sofia MorenoSofia Moreno
    Google Reader Solid characters, good story easywto follow and an easy read
  • Lyndsay KertonLyndsay Kerton
    Another good book from Cynthia eden
  • April RennApril Renn
    Taken by Cynthia Eden is another awesome Romantic Suspense. #5 in her fantastic “Lost” series, while it can be read as a stand alone, I’d suggest reading the series in its entirety. WOW! Another must read! LOST (Last Option Search Team)continues on their hunt for the serial killer, Death Angel, as elusive as he is dangerous. LOST agent and ex-SEAL Asher Young together again with, Bailey Jones, who, somehow survived the abduction by the most infamous Death Angel, the serial killer, previously. She may not be so fortune this time. But will Asher be able to protect Bailey? For she is in the Death Angel’s sight once again. Well written, fast paced, heart pumping Romance, filled with well-developed, strong and captivating characters. The storyline, will have the reader turning pages and holding their breath. Don’t read in the dark! Secrets abound, danger lurks, passion flares, victims pile up, as the suspense builds, the Death Angel lurks. WOW! I absolutely love Ms. Eden’s Romantic Suspense! Her stories are always so realistic. The characters are so very realistic, and the storyline intriguing, captivating, emotionally charged and absolutely mesmerizing. Simply breathtaking and compelling! A definite must read!! If you only read one Romantic Suspense in the very near future, I hope it will be “Taken”, you’re not regret your choice. Ms. Eden writes with brillance, masterfully, and absolutely holds the reader in awe. Love it, totally absorbed and awed by her intense suspense! Fans of Romantic Suspense, danger, breathtaking danger, and a timeless passion and love, will enjoy “Taken”. Received for an honest review from Edelweiss. However, all opinions, insights and thoughts are my own personal opinions. Rating: 5 Heat rating: Mild but violence is apparent Reviewed by: AprilR
  • Heather MajorHeather Major
    Danger and constant fear. Bailey has been living her life in this state since she escaped the serial killer known as the Death Angel. She is the only known survivor of this monster but Bailey knows there could be another woman out there, a woman she remembers seeing before she was rescued, a woman who has never been found. Now Bailey must face her fears and help find this woman and hopefully save her but to do so she needs help. The police don’t believe her when she says there was another woman so she turns to LOST (Last Option Search Team) for help. Asher Young is an ex-navy SEAL who now works for LOST. He has an extremely protective nature due to some of his own ghost and when he is assigned to work on Bailey’s case those instincts immediately kick in along with a powerful attraction to the beautiful and frightened woman. He sees past Bailey’s frightened exterior down to the brave and courageous woman who refuses to let someone else suffer the same tragedies as her. This book was a fabulous suspenseful read. These two characters are both beautifully broken but through traumatic events they can find love and security in each other. While hard for Bailey to completely trust Asher to protect her and keep her safe she can’t help but to relax and trust in the man she is falling for. A great addition to the series and a great book for anyone who loves romantic suspense novels. I received an eARC of this book compliments of the publisher in exchange for my honest review and opinion. All ratings and opinions stated re my own.
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