Hoes Be Winning 2 Pdf

Hoes Be Winning 2

Number of page: 271
Author: Ms.Bam, Candace Mumford
Publisher: A.N.C. Media Publishing
Category: Fiction

 In Hoes Be Winning when we left off DonTravious was left with his d*** in his hand. Find out what happened the day he lost his damn mind. Will Nicole be vindicated for his treacherous crimes against her  Meanwhile Meka thought she had her sh** on lock with her new love Antonio. She soon finds out blood is thicker than water but the questions is whose blood is it  Everyone's friendships will be tested.Secrets from the past will resurface from everyone!Baby-mama drama, loyalty in their friendships ( or the lack of it) and it may even come to blows! All this drama is NOT just from the women! The men in their lives are keeping secrets too. Antonio's baby -mama,Shantina is NOT going away quietly and with the assistance of her ace Serena she intends to use the one trump card she has to get him in check once and for all. Find out what's happening in Hoe's Be Winning 2 ( These Hoe's Aint Got No Manners ) Excerpt: “ Actually I'm looking for someone who works here. A Tameka Johnson. I was told she works here. Is she in today ” the woman asked taking one of her long acrylic nails and scratching between a loose weave track. Meka was taken aback. I don't know this bitch ! Who in the hell is this  “ Is this in regards to your food stamp or benefit case with us
Is Tameka working your case ” “ No this is strictly personal. Look is she here or not
Shit I already told you my stamps and my check was straight!” Aww SHIT! It suddenly dawned on Meka just who the fuck this was! I know Antonio's baby mama ain’t have nerve enough to come up to my job! MY job
Oh hell no! This bitch really don't know who the fuck she's messin' with. I am not the one! Oh no baby! “ Well you're speaking to Tameka Johnson. I don't believe I've ever met you before. Actually I know for a fact I don't know you. So what could we possibly have to discuss that's of a personal nature ” The woman paused looking her up and down. Her eyes doing an obvious inspection of her. “ Oh bitch I think we have a LOT in common! Namely the fact you fuckin' my man! I think that counts as a lot don't you
We have Antonio Raglen in common you raggedy ass bitch! If that ain’t of a “ personal nature” I don’t know what the hell is.” Meka eye's grew large. She was stunned but only momentarily. “ Funny you should call me raggedy. Who's the welfare recipient and who works at the welfare office. You're the one standing in front of me with those weave tracks hanging on by a thread,a hope and a prayer. I don't know what you heard bitch but I assure you, Meka Johnson ain’t never raggedy! Baby girl you got it twisted. If you're not here on official business, I really suggest you leave now.” “ Oh you want me to leave so your co-workers don't know what a WHORE you are don't you ” Shantina said extra loud so everyone could hear. Unfortunately her proclamation fell on deaf ears. Damn it's empty up in here today! Shantina thought looking around quickly. She’d been so busy yelling at Javis's lil' bad ass she hadn't noticed it was empty. “ Oh bitch they gon' know today! Standing there in ya nice little pantsuit, with your salon haircut and ya damn M.A.C makeup on, looking your nose down on me. All the while you breaking up my family! Leaving my daughter without a father. Ummph! Bitch you gotta a lotta damn nerve!” Shantina crossed her arms across her chest. Lawd Jesus don't make me come from behind this goddamn counter on this hoe! Meka thought trying to talk herself down. The last thing I need is to be without my job and I'm in the middle of house hunting! “ You know what
I think if you have any issues with Antonio you may want to take those up with him. If Antonio ended your relationship. You need to discuss it with him. Not me.” “ Oh you'd like to think that wouldn't you ” Shantina spat. Her eyes narrowing, throwing daggers at Meka. “ No bitch imma deal with you. Woman to fuckin' woman! Antonio came into my life and changed it.Tags: ebooks, freebies, urban fiction free, african american , Urban Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance, Black Romance, Black Authors, Urban books black authors, urban books black authors , african american books, free books, free full books by candace mumford, urban romance,ms.bam,interracial romance,African-American romance

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