Dove Pdf


Number of page: 240
Author: Robin L. Graham
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780060920470
Category: Biography & Autobiography

In 1965, 16-year-old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around-the-world voyage from San Pedro, California, in a 24-foot sloop. Five years and 33,000 miles later, he returned to home port with a wife and daughter and enough extraordinary experiences to fill this bestselling book, Dove.

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  • Joshua McGlassonJoshua McGlasson
    My fav. Book in world I read this book when I was in fourth grade and every grade after til I moved to Austin, Tx in 2004.. Been looking for it since..
  • Carl GrainerCarl Grainer
    1st book I’ve ever read I love this book and to have tech now with phones is crazy that I can carry a whole book that I read as a kid on my phone to read at any time thank Google
  • Charlotte WilsonCharlotte Wilson
    Amazing The best non-fiction book I’ve read probably ever. It was so inspiring and i felt like i was right there on the dove through the storms and the doldrums. I feel like i should explore the world and meet new people and experience their customs. I am only 18 but i feel that the world is so vast why should I only see a small portion of it my whole life.
  • Denzil PughDenzil Pugh
    Every kid’s dream realized. Book Review: Dove, by Robin Lee Graham If Thoreau had lived during the 20th century, filled with materialism and media, I doubt he would have lived near Walden for any appreciable amount of time
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