Little Prisoners: A tragic story of siblings trapped in a world of abuse and suffering Pdf

Little Prisoners: A tragic story of siblings trapped in a world of abuse and suffering

Number of page: 304
Author: Casey Watson
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780007436613
Category: Biography & Autobiography

From the Sunday Times bestselling author comes a harrowing and moving memoir about two innocent and frightened ‘unfosterable’ children who do not know what it means to be loved. This is the third book in the series. The shock that strikes Casey and her family when Ashton and Olivia arrive is immeasurable. Two dirty, frightened little waifs stand before them, huge eyes staring around their new surroundings. Ashton – 9, Olivia – 6, have the same urchin look; hair running wild with head lice, filthy nails and skin covered in scabs. And the smell is horrific. The eldest two children of a group of five siblings, Casey had only been told they were coming two days earlier. But it was an emergency, temporary placement, and they were only due to stay a couple of weeks
Casey is desperate to help these poor, lost children, who have been taken away from their family because they were considered at risk, but before she can even start to understand the horrific things that have happened in the past, she has to teach them the most basic of behaviours. Ashton and Olivia have no barriers and no sense of what’s right and wrong – her challenges begin with the toilet and eating habits. The weeks roll into months and the months roll on, but bit by bit the children are starting to feel like they truly belong to a family, for the first time. With this new found security and love, gradually they start to reveal what really happened to them and their siblings at home, and slowly Casey can help them start to rebuild their young lives. Includes a sample chapter of Too Hurt To Stay.

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  • Jasmine EroJasmine Ero
    Why? Why do these stories have to be so sad?!
  • Beatriz E QuinteroBeatriz E Quintero
    Little Prisoners Incredulous and heart wrenching.
  • Kirsty PowKirsty Pow
    Loved it Found this story a little more shocking but love the way in which Casey Watson makes you feel your living the story right alongside them.
  • Donna ZomickDonna Zomick
    Little Prisoners Casey puts you right in the book you could feel all the pain that these two children went through. And how Casey and Mike were there to give them both the love and direction they needed. Cried at the end as if I was saying goodbye with them. Great read !
  • Jessica MeesonJessica Meeson
    Couldn’t put it down as always by this amazing lady
  • Melanie KELSEYMelanie KELSEY
    Amazing book, couldn’t put it down.
  • Jacqui AdamsJacqui Adams
    Brilliant! Yet another fabulous book by the talented and amazing Casey! Loved every page.
  • Erin OliverErin Oliver
    Love it
  • Michelle JansenMichelle Jansen
    good, but not great
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