The Long Hard Road Out of Hell Pdf

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Number of page: 288
Author: Marilyn Manson, Neil Strauss
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780060987466
Category: Biography & Autobiography

When this best-selling autobiography was originally released, readers were shocked: The Long Hard Road Out of Hell was the darkest, funniest, most controversial, and best-selling rock book of its time—and it became the template, both visually and narratively, for almost every rock book since. Marilyn Manson is not just a music icon, it turned out, but one of the best storytellers of his generation. Written with bestselling author Neil Strauss, beautifully designed with dozens of exclusive photographs, and modeled on Dante’s Inferno, this edition of The Long Hard Road Out of Hell features a bonus chapter not in the hardcover. In the shocking and candid memoir, Manson takes readers from backstage to emergency rooms to jail cells, from the pit of despair to the top of the charts, and recounts his metamorphosis from a frightened Christian schoolboy into the most feared and revered music superstar in the country. Along the way, you’ll hear what happens to fans—and celebrities—who dare to venture backstage with the one of the world’s most dangerous rock stars. In the words of Elle magazine, the book

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About The Author

Marilyn Manson has more than 450 scars, not counting emotional ones.

Neil Strauss is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Game, Rules of the Game, Emergency, and Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead. He is also the co-author of three other New York Times bestsellers – Jenna Jameson's How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, Mötley Crüe's The Dirt and Marilyn Manson's The Long Hard Road out of Hell. A writer for Rolling Stone, Strauss lives in Los Angeles.

  • Chris HerringChris Herring
    Harrowing Early on, this book is explicit about how Brian Hugh Warner lived his early years. More reason for me to fear Christians.
  • Chelsi GassmanChelsi Gassman
    Amazing Marilyn Manson is always been my favorite music artist and this book is just amazing!!!
  • Megyn HayesMegyn Hayes
    Perfection. Favourite book ever. A must have for any true fan
  • Jenny RobinsonJenny Robinson
    Favourite book
  • Dominic BlackDominic Black
    Great Book Marilyn Manson is my God and Jesus.
  • Paul SantoPaul Santo
    Great Book I’ve loved Marilyn Manson since the Beginning. They we’re still playing clubs and Portrait of an American Family just came out. Then all of a sudden they were in MSG opening for NIN .. The book is well written. Marilyn is very smart and knew what he wanted to do and did it . ..
  • Ca ChCa Ch
    Long hard road out of hell Cery interesting read however its full of crap like pointless drawings or pictures or things hes dreaming about
  • Paco DurazoPaco Durazo
    Twisted tale of a Rockstar Its a weird ride, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and most of the timed disturbing. Whether you believe everything that Manson tells or not, you’d still be amused by the story and writing. It’s definitely not for everyone since it has offensive, vulgar, and disgusting situations, but just as Manson’s childhood and road to stardom, if you can take it, you’ll enjoy it.
  • Anezka LeightonAnezka Leighton
    Wicked awesome Got the book also and love it
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