Official Book Club Selection Pdf

Official Book Club Selection

Number of page: 368
Author: Kathy Griffin
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780345518576
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Official Book Club Selection is Kathy Griffin unplugged, uncensored, and unafraid to dish about what really happens on the road, away from the cameras, and at the star party after the show. (It’s also her big chance to score that coveted book club endorsement she’s always wanted. Are you there, Oprah
It’s me, Kathy.)Kathy Griffin has won Emmys for her reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, been nominated for a Grammy, worked and walked every red carpet known to man, and rung in the New Year with Anderson Cooper. But the legions of fans who pack Kathy’s sold-out comedy shows have heard only part of her remarkable story. Writing with her trademark wit, the feisty comic settles a few old scores, celebrates the friends and mentors who helped her claw her way to the top, and shares insider gossip about celebrity behavior–the good, the bad, and the very ugly. She recounts the crazy ups and downs of her own career and introduces us to some of the supertalented people she encountered before they got famous (or, in some cases, after fame went to their heads). Word to the wise: If you’ve ever crossed Kathy Griffin at some point in your life, check the index for your name.Along the way, Kathy reveals intimate details about her life before and after she made the big time. She opens up about everything from growing up with a dysfunctional family in suburban Illinois to bombing as a young comedian in L.A., from her well-publicized plastic surgery disasters to her highly publicized divorce, and more. Only in this book will you learn how the dinner table is the best training ground for a career in stand-up, how speaking your mind can bite you on the ass and buy you a house, and which people in Kathy’s life have taught her the most valuable lessons–both inside and outside the entertainment industry. And as if all that wasn’t enough, there are also dozens of exclusive and somewhat embarrassing photos from Kathy’s own collection–featuring the diva of the D List herself, with her old nose as well as her new one, plus celebrity friends, foes, frenemies, and hangers-on for you to gawk at.Refreshingly candid, unflinchingly honest, and full of hilarious

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About The Author

Kathy Griffin, a multi—Emmy Award—winning and Grammy-nominated comedian and actress, is best known for her Bravo television reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, her multiple stand-up comedy specials on HBO, Comedy Central, and Bravo, and her four-year stint on the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan. She has hosted several award shows and appeared on numerous talk shows including Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The View. She has been nominated for a Grammy for her comedy CD, For Your Consideration, and performs to sold-out audiences at venues worldwide.

From the Hardcover edition.

  • yurchatyurchat
    Great book but even better as an audiobook Kathy has has a very interesting life in this book is excellent. But you must listen to the audio book Kathy adds so much more to the stories.
  • Gianni StellaGianni Stella
    Revealing I could find myself in many ways in this book. As a growing gay man, as an aspirer to my dreams, as a wandering soul.
  • Sharron RouthSharron Routh
    Fairly good. Not lol however
  • Kathleen m.Kathleen m.
    hellokathy hilarious. no wonder she is such a good storyteller. SHE CAN WRITE.
  • Amy B.Amy B.
    Im a reader Love her love her book. Must read
  • clt003clt003
    Love this book! This is a great book Very funny memoir. A great book to read by the pool at the beach etc.
  • ashlandcarolashlandcarol
    Slow Delivery I ordered the book from Overstock because it was a little less expensive than Amazon and my local independent bookstore did not carry it.. Although I wanted to take it on vacation with me the book
  • amb12amb12
    Good Read Great book and it was a fast read. If you like Kathy Griffin you will enjoy. Funny and entertaining look into her life.
  • Lisajane51Lisajane51
    SUPERBLY FUNNY! KATHY GRIFFIN IS “A LIST” NOW! I love this book! Kathy Griffin touched me with her poignant & honest tell-all. She is really a rock star of comedy. She is REAL! And that is why I have been a fan from the beginning of her career
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