A Body Displaced (Lansin Island Paranormal Mysteries 2) Pdf

A Body Displaced (Lansin Island Paranormal Mysteries 2)

Number of page: 482
Author: Andrew Butcher
Publisher: Mr Andrew Butcher
Category: Fiction

Glimpses of another world. Visions of a bloodbath…In the aftermath of a shocking murder, Nick and Juliet handle their lives in almost opposite ways. Everything is finally on the up for Nick, now that he has full-time work, stronger relationships, and even a girlfriend. So when a romantic weekend away turns into a bloodbath, he's left disillusioned
and with the fear that someone is targeting him.For Juliet, the things she has witnessed still haunt her, and the deceit she has suffered feels fresh. Struggling to keep her life in order, she attempts to regain confidence by learning to control her ability. Not only that, she tries out something she has avoided for a long time. Dating.But neither Nick nor Juliet can forget what they experienced together, what they glimpsed of the Otherworld. And as events unfold, it becomes apparent that the Otherworld hasn't forgotten them either From readers of the Lansin Island Paranormal Mysteries series:"If you are looking for a good supernatural mystery, this is it!" ~ Juan Medina"An excellent paranormal suspense novel, with a healthy dollop of mystery and dab of romance, this book delivers." ~ Tanechka"
a spooky tale of supernatural events
The plot is good, the characters are excellent, and the suspense is incredible." ~ KOBAM"Love this ghost story
a tremendous paranormal thriller full of mystery, witches and the supernatural
FIVE STARS for this supernatural mystery thriller
" ~ tassy"A new take on the whole supernatural genre." ~ Cole29"
such an interesting premise!
a wonderful blend of fantasy and the paranormal ~" CHARLENE, BOOKISH WHIMSY"
a great start to the series
when he brings in the fantasy elements of witches, ghosts, and more visions, he really has you hooked." ~ Darren Maynes"Tantalizing beginning to interesting series
a pleasure to read
leaves you wanting more!" ~ Tabitha, ETERNALLYLEARNING"This story made me search out ghost stories again, after many years away. Nicely done!" ~ K. Higgins"This book has a bit for everyone, witches, spirits, visions, murder, depression, and romance." ~ Bec"This book was so much more than a paranormal suspense. It touched on depression, abandonment, loss, relationships, life choices and more." ~ Babydolllady"If you love any kind of mystery and paranormal content, then this is your book." ~ J. Schmidt"Never has supernatural thriller been this good!" ~ George Shadow"Anybody who is a fan of the paranormal would like this book." ~ J. Boxer"Paranormal surprise
I don't normally appreciate this genre. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed reading this story very much." ~ Steve Hildebrand"Intriguing paranormal mystery
" chettsgenie"If you like mystery, paranormal subject matter, and a touch of fantasy, then this is a book you must read." ~ trixiebell"GHOSTS + WITCHES = FUN FOR ME!" ~ T. Dellinger"
cleverly brings together the paranormal, fantasy, mystery, romance and history. Andrew Butcher is a great storyteller
I think you would enjoy the book even if you don't normally read this sort of thing." ~ Morgan Norma Roche"Paranormal witchery delight
Butcher's style of writing is good, he's able to tie in today's life with the past and also bring a sense of supernatural mystery to the story." ~ Britt LaShea"Mr. Butcher creates a web of mystery, romance, paranormal, and fantasy, in which his interesting characters are enmeshed." ~ Mochalove"Paranormal mystery masterpiece." ~ Chris GKeywords: psychic, ghosts, paranormal, paranormal suspense, supernatural suspense, psychic visions, witches, witchcraft, pagan fiction, wicca fiction, psychic fiction, supernatural thriller, paranormal series, occult, dark horror, lansin island, paranormal murder mystery, best selling author, Andrew Butcher.

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