Investing in Entrepreneurs Pdf

Investing in Entrepreneurs

Number of page: 210
Author: Gregg A. Lichtenstein, Thomas S. Lyons
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9780313382925
Category: Business & Economics

Investing in Entrepreneurs: A Strategic Approach for Strengthening Your Regional and Community Economy offers a compelling argument for making the support of entrepreneurship the centerpiece of local and regional economic development–and provides a plan to make it happen. The book is organized around a tool, developed by the authors, that permits a community to strategically map and manage its business assets in a way that can transform its economy. Investing in Entrepreneurs begins with a reflection on the importance of entrepreneurship, a discussion of its diminished place in economic development, and a call for its rise back to prominence. The importance of managing entrepreneurial assets is discussed, followed by a thorough articulation of the author’s tool for accomplishing this in a holistic and strategic manner. Examples drawn from the authors’ fieldwork illustrate the many ways in which the tool can be utilized to guide economic development efforts. A final chapter discusses possible resistance to this innovation and how that resistance can be successfully addressed.

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