Diary of a Madman Pdf

Diary of a Madman

Number of page: 240
Author: rad "Scarface" Jordan, Benjamin Meadows Ingram
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062302663
Category: Biography & Autobiography

One of Rolling Stone’s Best Music Books of 2015From Geto Boys legend and renowned storyteller Scarface, comes a passionate memoir about how hip-hop changed the life of a kid from the south side of Houston, and how he rose to the top-and ushered in a new generation of rap dominance. 
Scarface is the celebrated rapper whose hits include

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About The Author

Brad Scarface Jordan has released eleven solo albums and seven albums with gangsta rap pioneers the Geto Boys. He is a producer and record executive, the former president of Def Jam South, and Rap-A-Lot Records, which was one of the most successful independent rap labels of all time. He lives in Houston, Texas.

Benjamin Meadows-Ingram has served as the music editor of Billboard and as the executive editor of VIBE. Originally from Memphis, he is an accomplished writer and editor and has written extensively about southern rap.

  • Derrick SelvyDerrick Selvy
    Greatest alive him and PAC are 1-2 in my book an I can’t choose can you
  • BLAKo vs blakeBLAKo vs blake
    Hell yes
  • Christopher JosephChristopher Joseph
    Love it, a must read for any Scarface fan..
  • Rhasaan RobinsonRhasaan Robinson
    The best ever Can’t believe j prince did Brad that dirty,when it came to the business of the music he was making for Rap a lot records? Wow, ain’t no love in the game just like the streets, face is as real as they come. And that’s why he is my top 3 favorite Emcees ever!! Great read
  • Germaine SwansonGermaine Swanson
    I suggest this book to everyone who is trying to rap for a record company
  • Leslie BordenLeslie Borden
    NO MO NO LES Face is da greatest of all time there’s no one greater point blank with all due respect to Pac & Big
  • Perfect ImperfectionPerfect Imperfection
    Good book Nice to hear face’s story. Alot of this stuff I never knew.
  • Melvin PeraltaMelvin Peralta
    True legend!!
  • Lyna EvansLyna Evans
    Diary Of A Mad Man I love the realiness of scarface.He grew upTough, like I did.But I never been in a mental hospital.His life story will touch alot of people.The sample of this book is so interesting.I know I will be buying the real deal.Keep doing what u do.Stay humble and Free.
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