Crazy Horse Pdf

Crazy Horse

Number of page: 148
Author: Larry McMurtry
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group, 1999
ISBN: 9781101200865
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Legends cloud the life of Crazy Horse, a seminal figure in American history but an enigma even to his own people in his own day. This superb biography looks back across more than 120 years at the life and death of this great Sioux warrior who became a reluctant leader at the Battle of Little Bighorn. With his uncanny gift for understanding the human psyche, Larry McMurtry animates the character of this remarkable figure, whose betrayal by white representatives of the U.S. government was a tragic turning point in the history of the West. A mythic figure puzzled over by generations of historians, Crazy Horse emerges from McMurtry’s sensitive portrait as the poignant hero of a long-since-vanished epoch.

  • A Google UserA Google User
    Review: Crazy Horse Whether he tackles fiction (LONESOME DOVE) or nonfiction (CRAZY HORSE), there is something constant and intensely comforting about the writings of Larry McMurtry. As we glide through his pages, we feel as if we’re curled up by the fire with a trusted old friend; observing an artist, painting pictures with wellconsidered words. CRAZY HORSE, McMurtry’s biography of the legendary Oglala Sioux leader
  • Georgia CruzGeorgia Cruz
    First , this great leader is my grandfather,; I have lived and learned, all I could. I only live d with my mother, till age of 5. Her name was Jacqueline Rose Carrier, she was a Indian princess. I wish there was more stories about women.
  • Rachel WatchmanRachel Watchman
    Gotta read this! 🙂
  • kvrfankvrfan
    LibraryThing Review Because this is such a slight volume in size, a reader might think this would be a good introductory biography of Crazy Horse. While I thought it was an excellent book, it’s really not for the
  • NielsenGWNielsenGW
    LibraryThing Review Larry McMurtry tries to wade through all the interviews, the conjectures, and the myths surrounding the life and death of the Native American warrior Crazy Horse only to find many gaps in the
  • dougwood57dougwood57
    LibraryThing Review Larry McMurtry (Telegraph Days, Lonesome Dove) brings his clean and concise writing style to this brief but illuminating life of Crazy Horse. This compact little biography is one of the Penguin Lives
  • xtienxtien
    LibraryThing Review The book is a biography of Native American Crazy Horse, but it’s not written in the style of a classic biography. McMurtry spends a lot of pages on arguin with other biographers, stating that little
  • joeltallmanjoeltallman
    LibraryThing Review Larry McMurtry promises that there is very little in terms of concrete fact to learn about Crazy Horse, and that’s just what you get. But the enigma somehow still translates into the legend, for some reason.
  • NicholasPayneNicholasPayne
    LibraryThing Review I really like McMurtey’s biography of Crazy Horse. He is less given to conjecture than was Stephen Ambrose and, where he doesn’t know, he says so. A slight but lovely accounting of the life of a fascinating player in the American pageant.
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