It's a Long Story Pdf

It's a Long Story

Number of page: 464
Author: Willie Nelson
Publisher: Little, Brown, 2015
ISBN: 9780316403566
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The definitive autobiography of Willie Nelson “Unvarnished. Funny. Leaving no stone unturned.” . . . So say the publishers about this book I’ve written. What I say is that this is the story of my life, told as clear as a Texas sky and in the same rhythm that I lived it. It’s a story of restlessness and the purity of the moment and living right. Of my childhood in Abbott, Texas, to the Pacific Northwest, from Nashville to Hawaii and all the way back again. Of selling vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias while hosting radio shows and writing song after song, hoping to strike gold. It’s a story of true love, wild times, best friends, and barrooms, with a musical sound track ripping right through it. My life gets lived on the road, at home, and on the road again, tried and true, and I’ve written it all down from my heart to yours. Signed,Willie Nelson

About The Author

Willie Nelson is an American country music singer-songwriter, as well as an author, poet, actor, and activist. He was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993.

  • A Google UserA Google User
    IT’S A LONG STORY: My Life The beloved outlaw country icon rolls a fat one for his fans and sits down on the porch to spin a few yarns. Those fat ones are legion in this book, whether in the company of the superbly suave Julio Iglesias or out on the road taking it to The Man. Still, Nelson (Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, 2012, etc.) opens on an oddly dark note, first conjuring up and analyzing T.S. Eliot and then
  • A Google UserA Google User
    Review: It’s a Long Story: My Life Many autobiographies tend to be dry and rather boring. Happily, that is not the case with IT’S A LONG STORY. Although the book was written with the help of David Ritz, country music legend Willie Nelson tells his life story his way, with humor and outright honesty. Most of the time, it feels as if he is sitting right across the table talking directly to us, pouring out his heart and soul. No one
  • Nancy SulzerNancy Sulzer
    It’s like you and Willie having a great conversation
  • Bonny RunionBonny Runion
    What a story As a lifelong fan it was fascinating to read how the songs sometimes spoke about a time in his life, and how sometimes the songs were nothing more than a story in his head. Loved It All!
  • Kenneth ProescherKenneth Proescher
    True. Gitt Western
  • Roger KneelandRoger Kneeland
    It’s a long story Very interesting and easy reading. Loved the stories and lyrics that helped tell the stories of what the author was feeling. Good job Willie from a lifelong classic country fan.
  • Wanda MillerWanda Miller
    not a big fan
  • Halston PiqueHalston Pique
    Great book and a great man
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