Holy Bible Pdf

Holy Bible

Publisher: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
ISBN: 9781592976836
Category: Bibles

The 2013 edition of the Holy Bible contains all of the study aids contained in the 1979 edition and includes revisions to the study aids, several new photos, updated maps, and adjustments to the chapter headings. The style and format of titles, tables of contents, abbreviations pages, the Topical Guide, and the Bible Dictionary have been standardized to improve the reader’s experience; however, the adjustments have not been so extensive as to require members to purchase the new edition to stay current with either the Church curriculum or personal study.

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  • haili castrohaili castro
    Love you jesus
  • Nicole BeiberstienNicole Beiberstien
    The bible Gods word truly live it .and then , tell me it doesn’t work
  • Jordan PearsonJordan Pearson
    I love God God is good
  • Michael BlevinsMichael Blevins
    Awesome thanks
  • Sandra BoldenSandra Bolden
    It give you a script every morning
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