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Andy and Don

Number of page: 320
Author: Daniel de Visé
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781476747743
Category: Biography & Autobiography

A lively and revealing biography of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, this “humorous, informative, and poignant book” celebrates the powerful real-life friendship behind one of America’s most iconic television programs and “shows how the magic was created” (Library Journal).Andy Griffith and Don Knotts first met on Broadway in the 1950s. When Andy moved to Hollywood to film a TV pilot for a comedy about a small-town sheriff, Don called to ask if Andy’s sheriff could use a deputy. The friendship and comedy partnership between Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife ignited The Andy Griffith Show, elevating the folksy television sitcom into a timeless study of human friendship. Together, they created a program with a uniquely small-town dynamic that captured the hearts of Americans across the country who watched these two men rocking on the front porch, meditating about the pleasure of a bottle of pop. But behind this sleepy charm, de Visé’s exclusive reporting “captures the complexity of both men and the intimacy of their friendship with extreme detail and sensitivity” (Publishers Weekly), from unspoken rivalries, passionate affairs, unrequited loves, struggles with the temptations of fame, and friendships lost and regained. Although Andy and Don ended their Mayberry partnership in 1965, they remained best friends for the next half-century. Written by Don Knotts’s brother-in-law, Andy and Don is “a rewarding dual biography that is also a lively look inside the entertainment industry in the latter half of the twentieth century” (News & Observer). Entertaining and provocative, it “captures a golden moment in modern Americana. You’ll not only return again to Mayberry, you’ll feel as though you’ve never left” (Tom Shales, Pulitzer Prize–winning television critic).

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About The Author

Daniel de Visé is an author and journalist who has worked at The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, and three other newspapers in a twenty-four-year career. His investigative reporting has twice led to the release of wrongly convicted men from life imprisonment; he shared a 2001 Pulitzer Prize. A graduate of Wesleyan and Northwestern universities, de Visé lives with his wife and children in Maryland. He is the author of I Forgot to Remember (with Su Meck) and Andy and Don.

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    ANDY AND DON: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show Veteran journalist de Visé (co-author, with Su Meck: I Forgot to Remember, 2014) returns with a plethora of memories about actors Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, who propelled The Andy Griffith Show to enormous popularity in the 1960s. As the author reminds us, the show about rural Mayberry remains in the popular culture: it’s never been off the air, he writes, and Mount Airy, North Carolina
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    Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show Andy Griffith and Don Knotts are one of the most famous comedy duos in America, and in this tender tribute, De Vise, Knotts’s brother-in-law, chronicles their relationship. DeVise digs deeply into Griffith and Knotts’s childhoods, growing up poor in the South, and looks at how that experience affected them. The professional relationship between Griffith and Knotts began on Broadway, and continued
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    Andy Griffith Andy Griffith
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    Best biography I have read in 5 years and I mainly read bio’s of TV and movie actors!
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    Wow! What an eye opening book.
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    Andy and Don True story of our childhood HEROS
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    Great Book! Awesome read will pull you right in
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    LibraryThing Review **I got an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review** I’m one of those people who grew up watching Andy Griffith every Sunday at my grandpa’s house, and then at my parent’s house. It’s ingrained in my
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