Filmcrew 101 Survival Guide Pdf

Filmcrew 101 Survival Guide

Number of page: 121
Author: Peter Clarson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469166704
Category: Performing Arts

We are different from the world to begin with
we always have been. We are a peculiar people who have been labeled artists, geniuses, teachers, free spirits. We are free spirits and that suits us just fine. We have declared our independence from Mainstream. We work hard, play hard, and laugh a lot. As passionate craftsmen, we know how to instantly communicate with circles of new acquaintances, blending our talents and skills. We adapt quickly and expertly. We go places and see things others will not see in a lifetime. We meet people so rich in character one wonders if they just leapt from the pages of a favorite book. We are Spirits of Adventure. We know how to run with our dreams and experience this thing called Life. WE ARE FILM CREW

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