Tattoos & Tequila Pdf

Tattoos & Tequila

Number of page: 320
Author: Vince Neil
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 9780446574693
Category: Music

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About The Author

Vincent Neil is the lead singer of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. He was born in Hollywood, California and grew up in Compton, California. Neil released his tell-all autobiography, Tattoos & Tequila (Grand Central Publishing) in September 2010.

  • Pamela BURNHAMPamela BURNHAM
    Neil at his best Whining and blaming and ughh!
  • Joel FlomerJoel Flomer
    Tattoos and Tequila It’s just an OK read. Heroin Diaries probably motivated Vince to cash in. Lots of testimony from Vince’s ex’s about how he stepped out on them and whatnot. At least he isn’t having a conversation with his penis while he is telling his story
  • Rob VaulRob Vaul
    Awesome read Same story we all already know, but from Vinces POV.
  • Eric BallEric Ball
    A good read I have been a Crue fan since the beginning and have read all the other biography’s. I liked getting Vince’s side of things and found we are very alike in a lot of ways. .
  • bp74bp74
    good book bought for my wife she really likes it.. told me it covers all of Vince Neils life thru a series of interviews and memoirs with his music career.
  • cwaldrumcwaldrum
    LibraryThing Review Do you have a favorite band? A favorite musician that you follow and read whatever you can get your hands on about him/her/them? I didn’t until my Boy got me into Motley Crue. See he’s a die hard fan
  • shaunydubshaunydub
    LibraryThing Review Vince is one of the best front men in history and this book is awesome. I would never of guessed Vince dislikes the other band members so much. I was surprised and relieved to read Nikki’s comments
  • KatherineGreggKatherineGregg
    LibraryThing Review Vince Neil tells his story in the first person in an off the cuff manner without much thought or editing. He’s a high school drop out with a limited vocabulary and not much skill in story telling. His
  • RockStarNinjaRockStarNinja
    LibraryThing Review I would give this book negative stars if I could. As a super-fan of the Crue I knew that it was not going to be as good as any of the other Motley biographies, but how bad it was I could have never
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