Coming of Age in Mississippi Pdf

Coming of Age in Mississippi

Number of page: 432
Author: Anne Moody
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780440314882
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Written without a trace of sentimentality or apology, this is an unforgettable personal story—the truth as a remarkable young woman named Anne Moody lived it. To read her book is to know what it is to have grown up black in Mississippi in the forties an fifties—and to have survived with pride and courage intact.In this now classic autobiography, she details the sights, smells, and suffering of growing up in a racist society and candidily reveals the soul of a black girl who had the courage to challenge it. The result is a touchstone work: an accurate, authoritative portrait of black family life in the rural South and a moving account of a woman’s indomitable heart.

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  • dillion breigdillion breig
    Great!! I just finished reading this book for highschool and it is a great book, viewer discretion advised lol
  • Christa JonesChrista Jones
    Best book I had to read this book in college. It was the first book where I could smell every word.
  • Michelle CinqueMichelle Cinque
    Coming of the age of Mississippi Didn’t wanna put it down .great book all should read!
  • Bethany KñoxBethany Kñox
    I really loved this book it tells the story of life for blacks in the 1960’s and before for those of us who was born in the aftermath
  • Shelia SmithShelia Smith
    This was a good read about her and the civil rights movement in Mississippi. Would have liked a little more background about her and her family. That would have been an even better book. But it will never happen now.
  • Carolyn SingletonCarolyn Singleton
    Comming of age in mississippi This was a very intresting book a must read i loved learning how things were before i was born bad way to live
  • Gwyn MeadeGwyn Meade
    Coming of Age in Mississippi This wonderful book, rich with vivid imagery, places the reader at Anne Moody’s side. From her humble beginnings to her maturity as a full-blown activist, one cannot help but be swept up in the emotional turmoil and triumphs. She truly brings the Civil Rights movement to life. I couldn’t put this wonderful book down and neither will you.
  • Patti CoxPatti Cox
    Coming of age in Mississippi Informative look at an era of shame. Sometimes we forget the cruelty and injustices blacks endured.
  • Wanja SmithWanja Smith
    Awesome Love this book I read part of it while in junior high and after all these years I got to finish it great book
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