Television Pdf


Number of page: 209
Author: Alexander B. Magoun
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313331282
Category: Technology & Engineering

For better or worse, television is the dominant medium of communication in today’s culture. Almost all American households have a television; most have more than one. But the ability to send images and sounds through the air, or via a cable, is a relatively recent invention, one that required inquisitive inventors, clever business people, and creative entertainers. This volume in the Greenwood Technographies series will will cover the entire history of television from the early twentieth-century ideas of transmitting images by electromagnetic waves to the current issues involving HDTV. In addition, the volume will discuss the continuing importance of television in the lives of people across the globe. Television: The Life Story of a Technology will appeal to students and lay readers alike by relating the stories of some of the most influential and interesting events of the past century: BLThe earliest engineers — such as Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin — whose work ignited the entire television industry BLHow the television industry and commercial programming bloomed in tandem with the Baby Boom generation The late-twentieth century expansion of cable television and the decline of the broadcast networks, and the new world of high-definition television. The volume includes a glossary of terms, a timeline of important events, and a selected bibliography of resources for further information.

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