To Hell and Back Pdf

To Hell and Back

Number of page: 218
Author: Audie Murphy
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, 2002
ISBN: 9780805070866
Category: World War, 1939-1945

The classic bestselling war memoir by the most decorated American soldier in World War IIOriginally published in 1949, To Hell and Back was a smash bestseller for fourteen weeks and later became a major motion picture starring Audie Murphy as himself. More than fifty years later, this classic wartime memoir is just as gripping as it was then. Desperate to see action but rejected by both the marines and paratroopers because he was too short, Murphy eventually found a home with the infantry. He fought through campaigns in Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany. Although still under twenty-one years old on V-E Day, he was credited with having killed, captured, or wounded 240 Germans. He emerged from the war as America’s most decorated soldier, having received twenty-one medals, including our highest military decoration, the Congressional Medal of Honor. To Hell and Back is a powerfully real portrayal of American GI’s at war.

About The Author

Audie Murphy was the most decorated American soldier during World War II. He went on to a long film career, starring in The Red Badge of Courage, The Quiet American, and his own To Hell and Back. He was killed in a plane crash in 1971 at age forty-six.

  • Mark GustinMark Gustin
    To Hell and Back One of the greatest soldiers. that there ever was. A down to earth man/boy who joined the Army at a time when you knew you were going to war.
  • Tyler AusburnTyler Ausburn
    Absolutely the best book I have ever read in my life.
  • Ryan HicksRyan Hicks
    Really enjoyed this This was an rare look into WW2 as a first hand account by an American hero, Audie Murphy. I would of given it 5 stars except I discovered a few grammar errors, and I found at times the dialog to be extremely hard to follow (sometimes you don’t know who is speaking). I sometimes also question how much of the dialog is true because it seems like Audie recalls a lot of small talk between the soldiers that seems easily forgettable in the fog war. Despite those shortcomings it’s a well written book, and as you read through the entire book he makes you feel as if you are one of the soldiers in his battalion fighting with him. I can’t even imagine what he’s seen, done, and been through as a human being even though he describes some of it in the book. I also find it very odd he escapes all of this danger yet is killed in a measly plane crash at an early age in the 70s; it’s a shame really. I’m glad he was still able to share his story with us, and his fellow fallen soldier’s story. For all nonfiction military lovers this should be in your literature arsenal.
  • Cole HornCole Horn
    To Hell and Back Don’t pass this one up, you will regret it. Fantastic read, one of my new favorites.
  • Bill DandoisBill Dandois
    This is one of my all time favorite books
  • Dave KernDave Kern
    To hell and back It’s. A great book every teenager should read it
  • Dene MooreDene Moore
    A very good read on ww2
  • Jon CavalloJon Cavallo
    A good read! Audie is straight up in his war time experience. No embellishments, a common man doing his duty during a a World War most hope will never happen again!
  • Chris_ElChris_El
    LibraryThing Review This is a combat journal written after the fact. Mr. Murphy never talks about winning any medals or about being a hero. Except for recording conversation about how the Air Core was all about the
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