Assholes Finish First Pdf

Assholes Finish First

Number of page: 416
Author: Tucker Max
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416951148
Category: Humor

The best gift for the dudes and bros in your life: the fratire New York Times bestseller Assholes Finish First, featuring twenty-five new and exclusive stories by Tucker Max.What do you do after you write a #1 bestselling book about your drunken, sexual misadventures that makes you rich and famous
Celebrate by getting more drunk and having insane amounts of sex, obviously. And pretty soon you’ve got another bestselling book on your hands. Stuffed full of ridiculous stories of bad decisions, debauchery, and sexual recklessness, Assholes Finish First starts where I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell left off, then proceeds to “some next-level shit.” You already know how women react to confidence, game, and vodka, but what happens when you add money and fame to the mix
You get answers to the hard questions you’ve never thought of asking:• What’s it like to have sex with a midget
What about two midgets • What does it do to a man to watch a nineteen-year-old do wind sprints to sober up, so that she can have sex with you before her twin sister does • At what number of virgins does deflowering them stop being fun and start feeling like a job • When a girl you met three hours ago decides to tattoo your name on her body, what is the appropriate reaction The answers are inside, they are absurd and hilarious, and they are the product of one man’s experiences: His name is Tucker Max, and he is still an asshole.

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  • wendy paoawendy paoa
    Typical. Pretty funny
    ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST I cannot get enough of Tucker Max I absolutely love every single 1 of his books!
  • Dalcus SparksDalcus Sparks
    Awesome! Tucker is an incredible writer! This book was a great read and anyone who has a sense of humor should take the time to enjoy it as I did.
  • Kevin FisherKevin Fisher
    Assholes Finish First The book was good until I got to the DC portion and now it locks up and closes, reinstalled app, reinstalled book and now I’m so annoyed I want my $ back!
  • susan pilatansusan pilatan
    Ll Oll
  • Jarvis DavisJarvis Davis
    Great This book was just as funny as the last one was. Loved the whole thing.
  • Jane ChoeJane Choe
    Hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Matt DangerfieldMatt Dangerfield
    Unexpected shutdown Everytime I open the book a few seconds later it closes down on me. This didn’t happen until page 179. Please fix this problem for me.
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