Stock Market Investing for Beginners Pdf

Stock Market Investing for Beginners

Number of page: 122
Author: Richard Stooker
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Category: Business & Economics

Want to get started investing in the stock market, but aren’t sure how to do so What are stocks What determines their market prices Why do they go up and down How can I beat the stock market What are mutual funds What are index funds What are Exchanged Traded Funds Even though the stock market is the heart of a country’s wealth, and even though it enables everybody to be a part owner in the largest, most successful countries in the world, it’s not taught in public schools.But be warned: the mainstream press often misrepresents the stock market. They focus on making the news exciting and dramatic to sell copies. Frankly, the best investing is boring investing. It’s putting as much money as you can afford into many companies, and reinvesting dividends. And continuing to do so until you reach retirement age.The best investing is not about trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the economy or the markets tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.Many financial writers try to make you think you have to work hard at investing. You must study stock charts every night. Read annual reports. Thoroughly analyze a company’s financial statements. Read THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, BARRON’S, and MONEY MAGAZINE. Buy special software. Hang out in online investing forums. Not so!Don’t waste your time. This book takes modern financial theory to its logical conclusion. You can get the maximum long term benefit by following its simple plan. No tedious math or economics theory needed.It’s simple to set up. Then you forget about it. Pay no attention to the financial news. Just focus on making the most money you can in your career or business, that’s all.And if you’re starting small, we’ve got you covered too.You’ll learn the various kinds of stocks and the various ways to invest in them, including tax-deferred retirement accounts such as an IRA.This work is shorter than Stock Investing for Dummies.Warning: the investment world is full of people who think your money belongs to them. From out and out scammer brokers, financial advisors, newsletter editors, and to the managers of actively traded mutual funds, if you’re not careful you’ll help everybody get rich except yourself.Your government also wants your money, so this includes a chapter on the tax consequences of investing — and how to minimize them.Therefore, scroll up to download Stock Market Investing for Beginners and get started right away. 

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