Ballad Of A Bad Bitch 2 Pdf

Ballad Of A Bad Bitch 2

Number of page: 328
Author: Ms.Bam, Candace Mumford
Publisher: A.N.C. Media Publishing
Category: Drama

 There are four sides to the story of young R & B diva Mia King's life. Mia – All any kid ever wants is for their parents to love them. True
I made mistakes, but how could I not
No one but me knows what it was like growing up in a home with Terri. Yeah she paid the bills, fed and clothed me but she never loved me. The man she moved in got all my mother’s love, time, and affection. So as a kid, when you don't get the love you feel you deserve at home
You'll try and get that feeling from anyone. I was young. I made mistakes, I was also taken advantage of. I just hope I don't have to pay for those mistakes for the rest of my life and lose the only people that really love me in the process. Terri- Kids don't appreciate shit nowadays. I worked my fingers to the bone to give that child of mine everything I could. I gave Mia anything a child could want! It's not like she was some starving child living in the projects. So what I moved a man in! Didn't I deserve to have a life
Yeah, Quinton's a little rough around the edges and he's young, but hell I like a young buck! If I'm not happy
no one is going to be. Least of all my bitch of a daughter Mia, and Quinton; the man who I've given up everything for. Quinton- I almost lost the woman I loved messin' around with Terri's crazy ass, but she came back like I knew she would. Who wouldn't wanna have Quinton Jones as their man
Hell you see I got her mama going crazy! I don't give a damn what anyone says
even Mia. What we share is special. Everyone thinks they know me, “ Quinton ain’t shit,” but they can all go to hell. I was the one there for Mia in her darkest times and now Jeremiah's bitch ass thinks he can just have my woman Mia and my son
Anyone who thinks that is as crazy as Terri! Jeremiah- I fell in love with Mia the day I met her and when she needed me I was there for her. Three years ago I walked away from my own life to create one with her, and I've never regretted it. I know her deepest and darkest secrets; and she trusts me not only with her life, but with her child's life also. Blood does not make a family
Love and and loyalty does. The love, loyalty, and bond that Mia and I share could never be broken. I don’t think.Tags: ebooks, freebies, urban fiction free, african american , Urban Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance, Black Romance, Black Authors, Urban books black authors, urban books black authors , african american books, free books, free full books by candace mumford, urban romance,ms.bam,interracial romance,African-American romance

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